Kerry James Marshall at the Met Breuer

Kerry James Marshall at the Met Breuer

An exciting day for an outing to New York: The Women’s March was going on, and we got a bit swept up in it as we made our way to the Met Breuer to catch the Kerry James Marshall exhibition in its final days.

The train was absolutely packed. SRO.

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This is the first time I’ve been to the Breuer building since it became part of the Met. The last time was for the Jeff Koons Retrospective, the last show at the Whitney before it moved downtown.

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Going to a museum always make you look at things differently, doesn’t it?


This was one of my favorite works in the show. “Past Times.” Even the title is ironic.

lj012117marshall09 lj012117marshall08

More works.


A nod to  Hopper:lj012117marshall11

Sam is a good museum-goer.lj012117marshall12 lj012117marshall13

Highly enjoyable.

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