The Twisted Oak in Tarrytown

The Twisted Oak in Tarrytown

When the chef says he’s going to cook for you, and you plead that he take it easy because you’re off carbs? And you have a great meal and still stick to your diet? That’s a great evening. Thank you Mike Cutney!


SCF fans will recognize The Twisted Oak from a previous visit in 2015. And here’s a link to a Restaurants We Love by FoSCF Bill Cary.

No need to go all into the background again, so let’s get straight to the food. I’m out of the restaurant-reviewing business, so I didn’t take notes. Don’t expect a big critique here!

Octopus with tater tots. (Did not go there.) Texture was perfect.


Greens with egg and yogurt sauce. We mixed that yolk in and made a mayonnaise-y dressing. Fantastic.


Roasted vegetables. Heavenly.


OK. I had one raviolo. I could not resist.


Pork belly and scallops. Yes.


Risotto, of which I also only had one bite. Boo enjoyed that immensely.lj021917twistedoak07

And, my favorite dish of the night. A beautiful piece of fish (trout? bass? I’ve asked Mike and am waiting on his reply) with a mushroom-y broth  and lots of herbs. Divine.


Cheers to us in the mirror.

lj021917twistedoak08 lj021917twistedoak09

The 411 on The Twisted Oak.

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