Big Day of Birthday Fun

Big Day of Birthday Fun

A big city day to celebrate my birthday. First, a trip to MoMA, then lunch at The Modern, a matinee, and dinner at a barbecue joint. We even had a nightcap back in Nyack.

Day drinking! Gin cocktail, with apricot, I believe. Refreshing and well-balanced.

Avocado and crab. The dill! 

Fluke in a crispy wonton. One bite! 

Asparagus with toasted breadcrumbs and cheese. 

Today is my birthday,.

My birthday present, new sunnies!

There are cigarettes, but they also sell cigarettes.

Waiting for Miss Saigon to start.

How about a little meat for supper? Our stop at Kimchi Smoke in Westwood on the way home.

And to cap the evening off, a pisco sour.

Happy birthday to me!

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