Hunan Taste in Denville

There’s quite a spectacle of a restaurant in downtown Denville. Hunan Taste, which has been around since 1986, presents the full-on, high-end Chinese dining experience. It was named best Chinese restaurant in the state by The Daily Meal.

The menu focuses on Hunan, Mandarin and Szechuan cuisine, but we found some Shanghai soup dumplings there, too:

Skin a little thick, but very flavorful.

I also tried the shrimp in lobster sauce, which was quite tasty. 

And went with a standard, chicken and broccoli, which they executed with aplomb.

The same family that owns Hunan Taste also owns a restaurant called The Noble East in Montclair, which I will be wanting to try soon.

The 411 on Hunan Taste.

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