Burgers for Mother’s Day

Burgers for Mother’s Day

Burgers on Mother’s Day is our annual tradition. The rite is in honor of Grandmom, who used to say “I can’t remember the last time I had a hamburger!,” even if she’d had one the night before.

Our only twist this time? No buns for Greg or me. Cheers, mom! Happy Mother’s Day.

Fidget spinner craze.

The family!

Cheese burger in a lettuce wrap. A little sad, but very delicious.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Some SCF Mother’s Days from 2010-2016.

And from the archives:

Mother’s Day 2009: Roasted Chicken with Lemon at the Ranch.
Mother’s Day 2008: Ham and popovers at the Farm.
Mother’s Day 2007: Brunch, with Smoked Shrimp over SCF greens, Sorre Soup and Oeufs en Cocette with Tomato and Tarragaon, served with Dines Farm Bacon and Potatoes Lyonnaise.
Mother’s Day 2006: A Mother’s Day with Many Mothers.

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