The Roundhouse in Beacon

The Roundhouse in Beacon

.An impromptu trip to Cold Spring to see Melanie! And we have dinner at a restaurant I’ve been looking forward to trying for a long time: The Roundhouse.

First, some wine for later! So we head out. This view, looking down Main Street in Cold Spring with the Hudson Highlands in the background, is one of my favorite in the Hudson Valley.

Some interesting bottlings at the wine shop:

To river.

Here we are now!

Boo, Melanie, Marissa, me. Friends.

The restaurant (and hotel) is in an old mill, and is right over a waterfall.


Deviled eggs.

Charcuterie platter. With pate, pigs ears and rillettes.

Black Dirt Slow Baked Beet Root: housemade ronnybrook farm ricotta, leek ash, arugula, black walnuts.

Cucumber gazpacho: peekytoe crab salad, dill tuile, pickled stems.

Wild King Salmon Poke: steamed rice, seaweed salad, chilies, sesame, trout caviar

Vietnamese Rice Bowl: yellow bell farm chicken thigh, shitake, bok choy, chilies, cilantro, thai basil.

Fluke, avocado, citrus-soy vinaigrette, jalepeño, sesame “snow”:



Patio at night:

The waterfall is lit, too:

Super fun.

The 411 on Roundhouse. 

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