A Visit to the New York Botanical Garden

A Visit to the New York Botanical Garden

We’re back! We visited Chihuly once earlier this year, but it’s worth a second trip, not only for the artwork, but to see the Botanical in full bloom. We’d never been in August, and we highly recommend a summer trip.

The dahlia portion of the visit was lovely.

Great ideas for a bed anchored with hydrangeas.

We grew this diamond frost this year in a pot and loved it.
Now, a foodie interlude: lunch at Stephen Starr’s Hudson Garden Grill:

Deviled eggs and a charcuterie platter.



Octopus. So, so good.

“The Bomb.” And it was.

Back at Chihuly:

More beauty:

Rose garden:

When was the last time you wore the yellow tea rose?

A few funny selfies waiting for the train home:


New bridge!

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