Pre-Theater at Angus McIndoe

Boo and I got the chance to see ďA Little Night MusicĒ with Angela Lansbury and Catherine Zeta-Jones just a few days after opening night:

The celebs were still there ó we saw Anna Wintour and Michael Kors in the audience and Boo sat next to Dr. Ruth (!) ó and we enjoyed the show immensely. Of course, this site is about food, so.... beforehand, Boo and I headed to one of the best pre-theater spots around: Angus McIndoe. I got the burger:


We sat at the bar:


And shared some oysters:


And Boo got the seafood risotto.


I didnít say the food was the best in the theater district, though itís perfectly fine. But itís a comfortable spot where you can get a good meal with nice service in a timely manner. And you might just see a celeb there, too.

11:36:00 on 12/17/09 by liz - Category: Restaurants


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