What’s Better After a Wine Weekend Than a Big Cheesesteak?

My guess would be not much. And so, once again, as is our tradition, we stopped off in Wilmington on the way home from Jayne’s Wine Tasting to have the delicious goodness that is Claymont Steak Shop.


That is CynDee’s steak. She and Laurel get the same order: with tomatoes, ketchup and pickles. I get mine with mushrooms, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

First, the walk in:


(Voted best in Delaware!)

Laurel walks in:


We will get in line —


place our order —


— and get our drinky drinks:


We’re not here for the specials, thank you.


We choose a table:


Mmmm. Meat.




CynDee asks for something:


She has it now.


Oh, it’s my ranch dressing. Of course you have to have ranch dressing. (Please. That’s totally me. Not Claymont.)

We shared fries.


With ketchup.




And, at last, my cheesesteak with mushrooms.


The perfect ending to a great weekend. I went home and napped on the couch until Monday morning.

08:51:00 on 11/04/07 by liz - Category: Restaurants


lbabs wrote:

I said it last year, and I'll say it again...i want one now! oooh, i can pratically smell it.

(btw, thanks for the totall bizarre shot of my rack).

11/14/07 10:55:11

d.c. fruitbat wrote:

As I think I wrote last year, I went to grade school for 8 years a few blocks from Claymont Steak Shop, and I believe they have the most delishy cheesesteaks on the planet. I'd take one from there any day before eating Geno's or the other overrated Philly shops.

11/14/07 18:45:30

Sander wrote:

I am d.c. fruitbat's best friend from growing up. She turned me on to your fabulous website and I have been a stalker every since. But today I just had to post because you have been to the beloved Claymont Steak Shop. I second that Philly has nothing on them when it comes to cheesesteaks. After reading your post and seeing the pictures, I think I actually need to go down there and get one now.

11/15/07 15:22:09

liz wrote:

Sander! Thank you for coming out of hiding to post. It's lovely to have you. Perhaps next year we can all meet at Claymont on the first Sunday of November. Say, noon?

11/17/07 08:02:52

Scoop wrote:

Can you get a "Whiz With" at Claymont? That's my regular order at Jim's.

I've never had a Delaware cheesesteak, but it looks like I've missed out!

11/18/07 13:31:31

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