Dinner at the Ranch with Grandmom

My grandmother arrived from Texas Saturday, and this time she's staying. We celebrated her arrival with a delicious dinner at the Ranch.


Not a ton of photos this time, but for posterity, here were the dinner guests:



Mom made a lovely chicken and we had salad leftover from Saturday night. A grand time was had by all.

05:21:00 on 02/17/08 by liz - Category: General


Boo wrote:

Yeah, Grandmom's finally a New Yorker! Welcome! Finally, a reason for all these exclamation points!

02/19/08 10:28:34

lbabs wrote:

welcome grandmom! when does she start posting?

02/19/08 11:29:13

Karen wrote:

Grandmother Elizabeth... loads of love from way downunder. Now, if Sarah would just move up with her tribe, you'd all be in one spot when I come to

02/29/08 07:58:54

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