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Oscars Gathering

With a nod to the Oscars, I present this post — a chronicling of a gathering with Kris, Tom and Irene to watch the Oscars broadcast — from Samantha’s point of view. I don’t think she’s going to win any […]

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Maple Rye Sour

Here’s a nice drink for sipping by the fire in winter. Maple Rye Sour 8 ounces rye 2 ounces lemon juice 2 ounces orange juice 1 ounce maple syrup 1 ounce amaro Albano Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker […]

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Rancho Gordo Beans!

Rancho Gordo is a Napa Valley company that pretty much single-handedly set up a market for heirloom beans. We’ve been buying (and loving) them since 2009 (see our posts on our old blog here: Rancho Gordo beans). We stocked up […]


Bad News on the Bees

It was warm enough to do a hive inspection. What we feared has come true: the green hive did not make it. Not enough honey. The white hive, though, is OK. Hoping there’s enough pollen now to get them off […]


A Heart on the Running Trail

Out for a walk on the rail-trail and I looked down: Looks like a heart to me. Happy Valentine’s Day, a little late. Related posts: Annual Selfie: On the Rail Trail to Piermont Update on the Garden: Coreopsis, Columbine, Bleeding […]


A Tree Climb!

Could be the first, unless I missed something. Honored to say it was our sour cherry. Related posts: Tabletop Christmas Tree 2012 The Tree Is Up at The Farm Sour Cherry Preserves Recipe Pickled Sour Cherries: Recipe


A Quiet Evening at Home

We were ready to watch the Grammy’s for one reason, which I’m sure you can guess. Hamilton. So in honor of such, we opened our bottle of Aaron Burr cider, procured last fall at the Field + Supply maker’s fair. It […]


A Valentine’s Day in Nyack

We celebrated Valentine’s Day in a romantic way: with our child! First, we headed to a birthday party at Harry’s house. (OK, our friends Greg and Gannon.) Then home for prosecco by the fire. Sam is learning well from her […]


New Haircuts!

Sam and I started our weekend off right with a trip to the salon. Though Sam has had a haircut before — back in October, see the post here! — that time was just a trim. This time we’re going […]


Super Bowl Sunday

A most excellent meal: queso, lamb-chickpea chili and a maple-butternut pie with rye crust. The usual gang: Mardi Gras gifts: Fabulous chili by Tom and cornbread by Irene: And  And the maple-buttermilk pie I made from the101 Cookbooks blog. SO […]


A Hamilton Show

It’s started, guys. She’s performing for us. As we sip our Bronx Cocktails (thanks Cherril!), she’s not throwing away her shot! Them’s some moves! Related posts: Hamilton! Hamilton for the Second Time Car Show in Nyack Sardi’s Before the Show

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Bronx Cocktail

Earlier this week, I received a big box of citrus from my friend Cherril’s trees. Cherril, a friend I met on my work trip to Nashville last year, lives in Arizona, and grows grapefruit, pomelos, blood oranges, Meyer lemons and more. […]


Winter Panzanella

Did you ever think to have panzanella salad in winter? Martha Rose Shulman did. I made it for a Super Bowl pot luck we threw at work, and I must say it was quite a hit. It’s nice to have […]


Snow at the Farm

We haven’t had too much snow this year — save for the big one a few weeks ago — so this dusting was actually sort of pleasant. The birds are happy to find the suet in the pear tree, that’s […]


Birthday Party for Otis

I love our neighbors so much! Katie and Tom opened their house for a fun (and raucous) party for Otis. I love our little people, too! Related posts: Happy Birthday James and Otis Gigi’s Birthday Party at Muscoot Farm Sam’s […]

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Blood Orange Flip

It’s that time of year, when citrus and whiskey make a fine pair indeed. Blood Orange Flip For the honey syrup: 1/4 cup water 1/4 cup honey For the cocktail: 1 ounce freshly squeezed blood orange juice 1/2 ounce honey syrup […]


Picasso at the MoMA

With a free day on my hands — a bonus vacation day thrown in at the last minute — I made sure to go to the Picasso Sculpture show I’d been promising myself for months I would see. What a […]