Cooking for Sunday Suppers

About once every 10 weeks, our team of food friends — Tom, Kris, Irene, Suzie, Joe, Moriah and Keith — cook for Sunday Suppers. Sunday Supper, a program to feed people who need a meal in Nyack, is held at Living […]


A Summer Burger

That’s what summer’s about. A big, fat burger, right off the grill. Cheese, tomato, lettuce and pickle. Yum. Related posts: Bobby’s Burger Palace: This Burger is Crunchified! BGR: The Burger Joint in Mount Kisco Bobby’s Burger Palace A Walk with […]


Pig Roast at Oratamin

What a feast! The excellent cooks at our pool club pulled off a total win: a pig roast! Butterflied, injected with soy and apple cider and cooked low and slow for many, many hours, this was some of the most delicious […]


Pizza on the Grill at Oratamin

A very cool tradition started by Mary and Nicole at Oratamin: pizza night! Everyone brings fixin’s and dough, and we set up the grill for a feast. I brought chanterelles! We put stones on the grill to prevent sticking. All […]


BLT Supper at The Cabin

Tonight’s summer supper starts with a sipper: The Cucumber Creek, a cucumber-mint-gin number concocted by Sarah. Angry Greg in his flag shirt! Plus, watermelon, cucumbers, corn salad and … tomatoes! Our delicious sammy, on sourdough bread. Related posts: The Last […]

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BLT Dinner!

I bring you today’s supper at The Cabin: BLT with bacon from Main Street Meats and sourdough bread from Bluff View Bakery. First, a cucumber cocktail creation by Sarah. Gin, lime, cukes and SS. Greg presides over the fixin’s bar. […]

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A Morning of Cooking

After a big haul from the farmers market, we spent the morning enjoying — and preparing — the fruits of our labor! First, breakfast. A perfect peach. The, for dinner later, fresh field peas: Getting the ribs ready for smoking!  Making […]


First BLT of the Season

As I said in my Instagram post, I hope nobody calls the authorities. We’re jumping the gun just a little on the season. But man, it was delicious. We are hoping we don’t attract the attention of the authorities by […]

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Dyeing Eggs

We’ve perfected the schedule for dying natural Easter eggs: make the dyes on Friday night, then let them steep overnight. (And the recipe for natural dye is here!) (And it was a crazy Friday night at SCF!) We do the […]

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Rancho Gordo Beans!

Rancho Gordo is a Napa Valley company that pretty much single-handedly set up a market for heirloom beans. We’ve been buying (and loving) them since 2009 (see our posts on our old blog here: Rancho Gordo beans). We stocked up […]


Smoking Ribs! Tips and a Recipe

They don’t call it Smokestack Rub for nothing! Watch our little Snapchat video here (you can follow us @sourcherryfarm) and see all the smoke that comes with barbecuing ribs, plus learn some tips on how to get them ready for […]

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Sour Cherry Pie

It was a stellar year for cherries, let me tell you. All in all, we made a pie, a shrub and 4 cases of preserves! Yes, your Christmas presents are all ready! Our famous pie recipe can be found here: […]


Salmon Salad

We loved this salad with cedar-plank salmon, asparagus, strawberries, eggs, pickled onions and avocado. Served over lettuce and mint from the garden. Kelli and Marissa joined us for supper on the porch! Related posts: Supper on the Porch: Cedar Plank […]


Dyeing Easter Eggs!

Using our recipe from last year, and a little help from a new source here — thanks, Mommy Pottamus! — we dyed our Easter eggs with natural dye. Onion skins, beets, turmeric and red cabbage!   Good times. Good eggs. […]


Homemade Pizza

Hunna is on a pizza kick again. Yay for us! This one was made with the Roberta’s dough recipe, but in a sheetpan and topped with Hunna’s homemade sauce and some crumbled sausage. Delishy. Related posts: Roberta’s Pizza at Home, […]


Saturday Night Supper at the Farm

An all-local dinner this evening, well, unless you count the Loire Valley sparkler I picked up at Joe’s wine shop. Beautiful Montauk oysters (yes, again): And a cedar-plank salmon caught somewhere between here and Newfoundland, I’m told. Plus, lentils and […]


Oysters for Valentine’s Day

The oysters we get at the Palisades Farmers Market — they come from the cold waters off Montuak — are just so delicious and affordable that we can’t help but pick some up a little more often than maybe we […]


A Big Wine!

On a random winter Saturday, we decided to open a big bottle of wine. B-I-G big! We brought two up from the cellar to decide. Both bottles were gifts from our Wine, Wit and Wisdom Shower, an engagement party-slash-Jack and […]


What’s-in-the-Fridge Hash!

A few potatoes, a little bacon, some chicken, too — garlic, onions and top it with an egg. Now that’s a Christmas Day leftovers hash! Related posts: Quick Supper: Frittata Recipe: Beef Bourguignon Mustard-Roasted Potatoes Summer Vegetable Frittata


Christmas Dinner Prep

Baba au rhum, butternut squash, kale salad, and cocktail planning. We’ll be ready! Related posts: Christmas Dinner at the Farm 2010: Tamales, Hibiscus Margies, Baba Au Rhum Prepping for Christmas Dinner Christmas Eve 2012 Christmas Eve Eve Dinner: Dinosaur Black […]


Journal News Cookie Swap

A couple of pics from our annual Journal News Cookie Swap, held this year at Chef Central in Greenburgh. See more great photos by Mark Vergari in our lohud photo gallery here. See all of this year’s cookie recipes here: Small […]


Meyer Lemons!

My friend Ernie at work brought these Meyer lemons from his family’s backyard tree in California. You wouldn’t believe the aroma! It lingered in the kitchen even after we squeezed the juice to make two absolutely delicious Carjack cocktails. Related […]


Autumn Supper

By the fire: pork chops, squash and arugula salad. Yes, fall has arrived. Related posts: Fall is Here, and We Have Squash for Supper Autumn in New York: The Flatiron Building and Pumpkin in a Tree Sunday Night Supper: Pork […]


Sunday BLTs!

What’s better than a BLT on a summer Sunday? Not much kids. Not much.   Related posts: Sunday Evening Supper at Oratamin Sunday Night Supper Labor Day Sunday Supper: Lobster Rolls Sunday Night Supper: Rosy Gin and Linguine with Clams