Oratamin Winter Social

The annual Oratamin Winter Social was a fun and fabulous party, held at Nikki and Danny’s house this year. Look at these fabulous women! Pics from the evening: Nice spread. More party-goers. Les dorkages: Megan goes in for the cake: […]

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Brisket Supper

After all this travel and work, it was a pleasure to settle in for a long MLK Jr. weekend and do a little cooking. I made two recipes from the wonderful Canal House Cooks Every Day book, brisket and — […]

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Kris and Tom came over to celebrate Destinate! They brought a lovely bottle of Champagne, and we had this yummy, yummy Beef and Beans Chili with Chorizo. It’s a chili kind of night. #sourcherryfarm #nyack #southnyack #chili A photo posted […]

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Happy New Year!

Suzie and Joe’s annual New Year’s party was warm and welcoming, with tasty bloody marys and a tour through the cuisine of the South, from gumbo and collards to ham and biscuits. Sam and Henry: Hunna, Irene and Tom: Other […]

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New Year’s Eve 2016-2017

A low-key New Year’s Eve this year. Irene brought over Sazeracs and we enjoyed cedar plank salmon, lentils and greens. For luck, of course! Suerte! Technique: How to make cedar-plank salmon in the oven. Grilling: Cedar-plank salmon outdoors OK, so […]


A Holiday Reading

The annual tradition of reading Truman Capote’s “A Christmas Memory” continues. We hosted this year, and at the table were Kris and Tom, Suzie and Joe, Irene, and two new friends, Jennifer and Amy. Even if you’re serving with fancy […]


Crazy Cookie Exchange

An obscene amount of cookies at our work exchange this day! Plenty enough for everyone, and their entire families, too. Merry Christmas! Related posts: Mary Christmas from the Sister Outpost Christmas Cookies with Samantha Merry Christmas from Sour Cherry Farm […]

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Thanksgiving 2016

Family, friends, food. A wonderful day to give thanks for our many, many blessings. Whoever got this last turkey was blessed indeed! Thank goodness we ordered ahead! This year’s recipe was the same as last year’s. A smashing success! Bon […]


Election Day (and Night)

An unexpected result, at least on my part. Voting in the morning. Longest line I’ve ever seen. We cooked with Kris and Tom and Irene, though I didn’t shoot our dinner or our shocked reactions to the television. Dessert: And […]


Magic + Movie + Swim, Oh My!

What a wonderful event at Oratamin! The club came together to host our community for an evening of free swim, a magic show by Nyack’s own Mario the Magician, and a showing of The Wizard of Oz! Greg set up […]


Ladies Night at Oratamin

What a fabulous idea! Jessica, you are magnificent! Ken and Jessica, who longtime Sour Cherry Farm fans may remember from this Halloween post Way. Back. When (click through if you want to see Baby Sadie!), are two of the main […]

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The Last Concert in the Park

The last one of the season, for us at least. It was the Old ’97 Band, and it was a good’un! Fierce! Sammy and Mommy: The crowd: A beautiful night. These concerts just make our summer. Related posts: Concert in […]

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Mother’s Day 2016

A low-key Mother’s Day this year: a trip to the nursery (a requisite for all Mother’s Days, I’d bet), and burgers — in honor of Grandmom — at the house. “Mom, take a picture of me with this plant!” “OK” […]


Irene’s Passover Seder

One of my favorite adopted spring traditions is Passover Seder at Irene’s. She’s invited us for several years now and I look so forward to the food, the prayers, the people — all of it. This year Irene and Mindy […]

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Congratulations to the farm’s great friend Kris, who is opening a flower shop called Festoon. Festoon will be a slow flowers shop, meaning Kris will source only seasonal flowers from local farms. Her first night in the place was a […]


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

It’s become an annual tradition we really look forward to: corned beef and cabbage and Tom’s grandmother’s soda bread to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. This year, the corned beef was corned by their friend, so it was even more delicious […]


Oscars Gathering

With a nod to the Oscars, I present this post — a chronicling of a gathering with Kris, Tom and Irene to watch the Oscars broadcast — from Samantha’s point of view. I don’t think she’s going to win any […]


Super Bowl Sunday

A most excellent meal: queso, lamb-chickpea chili and a maple-butternut pie with rye crust. The usual gang: Mardi Gras gifts: Fabulous chili by Tom and cornbread by Irene: And  And the maple-buttermilk pie I made from the101 Cookbooks blog. SO […]


A Cozy Snowstorm Supper

Soup. Brisket. Spice cake. A great menu for a cold night by the fire. And while the wind whipped and the snow fell, we were cozy inside by the fire with great friends. Under all that goodness is the brisket: […]


Introducing the lohudfood Cast

We’re doing a podcast! We’ve been talking about it long enough, so one Thursday afternoon, we just up and did it. By the time I write this, we’re 3 episodes in (well, 2 and a “we’ll see you next week). […]


Salon Planning

Irene and I are persistent. After our jaunt to Questlove’s Food Salon in November, we are determined to launch our own Nyack salon. Food, art, music, creativity, smarts. The works. So we got a group of people together to start […]


A Fun Day at Work

A super-fun day at work — fun enough to share with all of you! We had recognition of work well done at our morning meeting, and some folks got prizes (including an Apple Watch!). In the afternoon, we tried our […]


Hoppin’ John

Yes, we had black eyed peas on New Year’s Day at Suzie and Joe’s. When it comes to luck, we’re not taking any chances. We made our favorite hoppin’ John recipe, but mixed it up with the new recipe we came […]


New Year’s Day, Southern Style

Suzie and Joe’s annual New Year’s Day party brings the South north for the day, with fresh ham, collards, grits, gumbo and, of course, black eyed peas. And The Most Insane Caramel Cake you’ve ever had.  Irene and Sam are […]


New Year’s Eve 2015-6

A veritable feast at Irene’s house this year to celebrate New Year’s Eve.  Four courses, lots of champagne and lots of good friends. First, the last sunset of 2015: And an adorable red coat that Jif gave me when Sam was […]


A Night of Holiday Parties

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas! Two fun parties this December Saturday. The first, with kids, and for Hanukkah. Brian and Margery, you brave people! The second, without kids, and for Christmas. Deirdre, you hard worker! Both so much fun. Kids! […]