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Congratulations to the farm’s great friend Kris, who is opening a flower shop called Festoon. Festoon will be a slow flowers shop, meaning Kris will source only seasonal flowers from local farms. Her first night in the place was a […]


Oscars Gathering

With a nod to the Oscars, I present this post — a chronicling of a gathering with Kris, Tom and Irene to watch the Oscars broadcast — from Samantha’s point of view. I don’t think she’s going to win any […]


Super Bowl Sunday

A most excellent meal: queso, lamb-chickpea chili and a maple-butternut pie with rye crust. The usual gang: Mardi Gras gifts: Fabulous chili by Tom and cornbread by Irene: And  And the maple-buttermilk pie I made from the101 Cookbooks blog. SO […]


Salon Planning

Irene and I are persistent. After our jaunt to Questlove’s Food Salon in November, we are determined to launch our own Nyack salon. Food, art, music, creativity, smarts. The works. So we got a group of people together to start […]


A Fun Day at Work

A super-fun day at work — fun enough to share with all of you! We had recognition of work well done at our morning meeting, and some folks got prizes (including an Apple Watch!). In the afternoon, we tried our […]


Hoppin’ John

Yes, we had black eyed peas on New Year’s Day at Suzie and Joe’s. When it comes to luck, we’re not taking any chances. We made our favorite hoppin’ John recipe, but mixed it up with the new recipe we came […]


A Night of Holiday Parties

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas! Two fun parties this December Saturday. The first, with kids, and for Hanukkah. Brian and Margery, you brave people! The second, without kids, and for Christmas. Deirdre, you hard worker! Both so much fun. Kids! […]


Impromptu Dinner!

We ran into Kris and Tom and Suzie and Joe at the parade, and the next thing you know, we’re grilling a T-bone and blasting Hamilton tunes. There’s nothing like having friends who show up for dinner with two — […]


Block Party!

With Tasha and Shannon moving away (where is a crying emotiocon when you need one?), Charlie and I decided we should send them off in style: with a block party. (You like that nifty invite? I made it!) So we made […]


Campbell’s Birthday Party

It was a neighborly Labor Day weekend! After our cocktail party on Friday night, Faye threw Campbell a birthday party the next afternoon. A few shots: Related posts: Matt’s 40th Birthday Party at the Pearl River Hotel Carol’s Birthday Party […]