Pizza Supper!

Despite a chilly, blustery evening, Bob fired up the pizza oven so the boys could do some pies for the fam. Pizza one is sort of like the first crepe or pancake you make. It’s never going to be just […]


Doris Turns 90!

When the matriarch of your family turns 90, you celebrate! Annie put together a party for Doris, who was the toast of the town. Everyone from long lost cousins to the mayor of St. Peter stopped by with well wishes. […]


Family Supper

Smoked meats, broccoli salad, family. A good gathering around Bob and Annie’s table. Sam and Reece painting. Greg and Mark:  Smoked meatloaf (AKA Bob’s Midwest Sushi!):  Smoked Flank Steak: Broccoli and Grape salad: Grilled asparagus, too: Jessica and Mark: Jessica, […]

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Heading to Minnesota

We’re heading out on what has become an annual trip to Minnesota. We’re looking forward to visiting with family and friends, and celebrating Doris’ 90th — yes 90th! — birthday. Our travels. How could I not shoot a photo of […]


Brick House for a Birthday

A low-key birthday supper at Brick House! Pizza, salad and, of course, ice cream. Happy birthday to me! Related posts: Mom’s Birthday at Hudson House Birthday Supper at o lar Happy Birthday Claire! Pizza at Mountain House in Sparkill

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Dyeing Eggs

We’ve perfected the schedule for dying natural Easter eggs: make the dyes on Friday night, then let them steep overnight. (And the recipe for natural dye is here!) (And it was a crazy Friday night at SCF!) We do the […]


T-Ball for Sam!

Well, what do you know. Sam is playing T-Ball! We decided to sign her up mainly because we are decidely not sporty, and we thought it would give her a chance to see if she is. The jury is still […]


Basement Cleanout!

It’s that time again. SCF just has too much stuff. Where does it all come from? I mean, we just had a Cool Sale two years ago. It wasn’t enough. So we started dragging crap up from the basement and […]


Sunday with the family

After church, we made our way down to The Souk, the farmers market they hold at the Inside Out in Piermont (such a terrific store, by the way; it carries local artwork and makers). Ramps are making their way to […]


Goodbye Junk!

It’s time to get rid of the junk. Yes, we had a Cool Sale two years ago. But we weren’t aggressive enough.  This time, we are being ruthless. Goodbye bench, once owned by my Dad. Goodbye rocker, where my mom once […]

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The Lighting Project

We’d had enough. The ceiling fan that we installed when we moved into the house in 2002 just wasn’t giving us enough light.  Every winter, especially, we’d squint to see what was bubbling on the stove. And then, to top […]


A Tree Climb!

Could be the first, unless I missed something. Honored to say it was our sour cherry. Related posts: Tabletop Christmas Tree 2012 The Tree Is Up at The Farm Sour Cherry Preserves Recipe Pickled Sour Cherries: Recipe


A Quiet Evening at Home

We were ready to watch the Grammy’s for one reason, which I’m sure you can guess. Hamilton. So in honor of such, we opened our bottle of Aaron Burr cider, procured last fall at the Field + Supply maker’s fair. It […]


A Valentine’s Day in Nyack

We celebrated Valentine’s Day in a romantic way: with our child! First, we headed to a birthday party at Harry’s house. (OK, our friends Greg and Gannon.) Then home for prosecco by the fire. Sam is learning well from her […]


New Haircuts!

Sam and I started our weekend off right with a trip to the salon. Though Sam has had a haircut before — back in October, see the post here! — that time was just a trim. This time we’re going […]


A Hamilton Show

It’s started, guys. She’s performing for us. As we sip our Bronx Cocktails (thanks Cherril!), she’s not throwing away her shot! Them’s some moves! Related posts: Hamilton! Hamilton for the Second Time Car Show in Nyack Sardi’s Before the Show


Birthday Party for Otis

I love our neighbors so much! Katie and Tom opened their house for a fun (and raucous) party for Otis. I love our little people, too! Related posts: Happy Birthday James and Otis Gigi’s Birthday Party at Muscoot Farm Sam’s […]


Playing Checkers

One of Sam’s (many) Christmas presents was a chess-checkers game. Greg has been enjoying teaching her some strategy: Related posts: Sam’s First Swim Merry Christmas! Playing in the Sandbox Playing with Blocks on the Porch