Slide the City!

What a crazy fun thing to come to Nyack! The Slide the City company set up a giant slip n slide down Main Street from Midland to Franklin. The whole town came out! I guess toward the end of the […]


Magic Show at the Library

As part of the summer reading program at the library, kids got to choose two events to attend. We picked a magic show as one of them. And guess who got to be an assistant? Abracadabra! Related posts: Sam’s First […]


A New Hammock for The Porch

The girls had hammocks down at the cabin in Tennessee, so it was only a matter of time before we were asked: “Where can I hang my hammock?” The perfect little spot!  (Please ignore that rat’s nest of an ottoman. The […]


Visiting Greg’s Office

A stop at the DWR headquarters in Stamford. What a wide open, modern space. I suppose we should expect no less! The kitchen: The coffee station is a dream!   Dad’s desk: Related posts: Caprese Salad with Prosciutto Decorating the […]


Zootopia for All!

We’ve become quite the fans of Zootopia this summer. I would gander we’ve watched it at least 10 time, perhaps more. It’s really quite good, and not just for a kids movie. It’s good for anyone. If you haven’t seen […]


Sam at the Doc

A trip to the doctor! It’s been so long now that I can’t even remember why we went! Must have been a fever. All was well, though, so we went ahead and did our last vaccination. All done til tetanus! […]


Summer Day at the Pool

A relaxing (if hot) summer day. Started with a walk on the rail trail! Then off to the pool. Little girls! Floating! And some snacks! And a beer for mom. Cheers! Related posts: Relaxing at the Pool Photos from an […]


Friday with Sam

A typical morning with Sam… having breakfast: fruit first, then oatmeal, then yogurt! Then upstairs for brush teeth, get dressed and comb hair. Sometimes, when she’s ready before I am, she plays with the phone — and this morning, the […]


Summer Supper at the Farm

A wonderful summer day with the cousins. Pool! Bubbles! Teepee! And a good meal around the table. The girls playing at Oratamin:    And, back at the house, Bambi, bubble machine and teepee: Figs and feta: Famous SCF chicken, cowboy […]


Dinner and a Movie

A cousins day! First, a showing of the BFG, then supper at the Farm. Wow. When did tickets creep up to $16! It’s been a while, I guess. Mae playing pokemon: Grammy and the girls! Sarah, Jane, Lala! Home, trying […]


Concert in the Park!

A banner evening for one of our favorite summer activities! So happy to have Sarah and the girls in tow! No more of these nasty! Those Sponge Bob ice pops are gross, and they have gumballs in them! Gigi! Greg […]


Supper at The Ranch

Tacos! An easy dinner at the ranch before Lala and Sarah head off to Broadway for a couple of days to see Hamilton!    Good times. Related posts: Supper at the Ranch Sloppy Joe Supper at the Ranch Saturday Supper […]


The Headband Game!

My family is a bunch of dorks. And it makes me so proud. A rainy morning at the cabin and Sarah breaks out “Headbands.” You put this on your head. Everyone else knows what you are. You do not. So […]


Twin Jammer!

Today on the boat: Twin Jammer, with Sam going solo! First, a little dock and swim action. Then, her solo voyage. Well, not solo, but without an adult. She was so proud of her bravery! Related posts: Sam’s First Swim […]


Chattanooga Lookouts!

An excursion this Wednesday morning, to see the Chattanooga Lookouts, a minor league team in the farm system for the Minnesota Twins. It was a hot morning, to be sure. The cousins got caps, of course! Aren’t they adorbs? Family […]


Evening on the Porch

Today’s agenda: local beer and leftovers. Here’s the saison I bought from Monkey Town Brewing. Delicious! Bright and citrusy. Les dorkage at the table. Today’s leftovers: Rose in a rain storm. We drink rose in all weather. And afterwards, a […]

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BLT Dinner!

I bring you today’s supper at The Cabin: BLT with bacon from Main Street Meats and sourdough bread from Bluff View Bakery. First, a cucumber cocktail creation by Sarah. Gin, lime, cukes and SS. Greg presides over the fixin’s bar. […]


Sunset Cruise

For today’s sunset cruise, we went upriver and explored a couple of coves just north of our property. Mae got the chance to drive! Blurry, but we took this photo because the house is for sale.  Before Instagram filter: After: […]


On the Boat!

An afternoon on the boat, with waterskiing and Octopus and sun and fun! Related posts: We’re On a Boat I’m on a Boat: Portland by Schooner Supper at Day Boat Cafe in Irvington Lexi Skiing!

cooking, family

A Morning of Cooking

After a big haul from the farmers market, we spent the morning enjoying — and preparing — the fruits of our labor! First, breakfast. A perfect peach. The, for dinner later, fresh field peas: Getting the ribs ready for smoking!  Making […]


Oratamin Supper

Lexi time at the pool! First, a beauty shot of our #alldiasangria: A bunch of leftover citrus, some pinot grigio in a jug and a little Lillet, too. We grilled some sausage (and veg sausage) and brought a bunch of […]


Happy Birthday Claire

Claire turned five — five? — and celebrated with a tea party. Jane pulled out all the stops, with little tea sandwiches and cupcakes. The kids ran around, played dress up and had a wonderful time. Sam in her tea party […]


Kindergarten Orientation

How. Did. This. Happen? Four and a half years, gone in a flash. Samantha — and many of our neighborhood and Nyack friends’ kids, too — is now oriented. To kindergarten. She and Claire walked in to Upper Nyack Elementary School, greeted […]


Pizza Supper!

Despite a chilly, blustery evening, Bob fired up the pizza oven so the boys could do some pies for the fam. Pizza one is sort of like the first crepe or pancake you make. It’s never going to be just […]


Doris Turns 90!

When the matriarch of your family turns 90, you celebrate! Annie put together a party for Doris, who was the toast of the town. Everyone from long lost cousins to the mayor of St. Peter stopped by with well wishes. […]