What is This Plant?

I came across this weird looking plant on the bike path. Anyone know what it is? That’s the leaf: Related posts: Garden Planning: What To Plant on the Walkway Breakfast Buffet for the Farm Guests Nyack Garden Club Plant Sale Nyack […]


Goodbye, Pear Tree

How very sad. Our pear tree has succumbed to a terrible case of cedar-apple rust. The tree is dead. Branch by branch, we clipped it off and cut it up. A very sad day. Related posts: Pear Harvest: It’s a […]


Our Pear Tree is Sick

What a shame! After nearly 8 years, and countless good harvests, sometimes of 150 pears or more, our pear tree is dying. It is, it turns out, cedar apple rust. And some bugs, too. It’s beyond upsetting.   Related posts: […]



We have a family of cardinals nesting in our yard this spring. Daddy Cardinal likes our seed cake! Related posts: Of Cardinals and Street Fairs and Gardens and Such Planting Bulbs at SCF The Galette That Launched an Instagram Frenzy […]


Blueberries and Bumblebees

Just a couple shots from the front-yard garden this morning. The garlic is sprouting nicely, and the bumblebees are helping our blueberries along. Happy spring!     Related posts: Samantha Picks Blueberries Update on the Fields: Blueberries, Basil, Geraniums and Jasmine […]


Porch Season Opener

We christened porch season with a gin and tonic. And why not! The weather was warm enough — at least until the sun went down! A quick, but enjoyable, opening. Cheers! Related posts: The Porch Season Has Begun! Porch Opener: […]


April Showers

Those April showers are a little gloomy, but the bulbs peeking out are bring a brightnes to a dreary day. I’m so happy we planted them. Related posts: Random Pics from April 25 Planting Bulbs at SCF Our First Lilac […]


The First Daffodils of Spring

The first daffodils of the year! These little Tete a Tete daffodils are just brightening our first days of spring! Related posts: Spring at the Farm: Quince, Crocus, Daffodils and the Planting of Sweet Peas Update on the Garden: Lilacs, […]


Snow at the Farm

We haven’t had too much snow this year — save for the big one a few weeks ago — so this dusting was actually sort of pleasant. The birds are happy to find the suet in the pear tree, that’s […]



We’re getting lots of chickadees and woodpeckers on our suet feeder outside the big kitchen window. It’s such a pleasure seeing them every morning. Related posts: Sunday Morning Play Sunrise at the Farm Post Labor Day G&T (With a Gin […]


Spring in December

Things are sprouting that should not be sprouting. Here are all the spring flowers I saw on my walk today, starting with the chervil in our very own garden: Coneflower buds: ‘ Dianthus: Sedum buds: Daisies: Vinca: Kind of outrageous, […]


The Birds

A bizarre flock of birds taking rest in the trees above our walk around the JN building today. Noting the beauty. Related posts: A Pinecone Project Patio Update: The Rock Has Been Crushed Roast Chicken with Thyme, Lemon and Rosemary […]


We Have a Winner Watermelon!

The harvest complete, and we have great news. The watermelon was a big success! Red, sweet, juicy and delicious! Related posts: The Watermelon Harvest Watermelon-Basil Mojitos Michael Symon’s Watermelon and Halloumi Recipe: Watermelon-Peach-Tomato Salad with Chili and Lime


The Watermelon Harvest

I want it on the record that watermelons were planted without my consultation. I would not have planted a vine that needs more room to grow than we even have in our entire front yard. That being said, the joy […]


The Porch Is Done!

What a project! But it came out just beautifully. We are thankful.   Related posts: Porch Project: Removing the Carpet Porch Project 2015 Porch Project: More Paint Scraping Porch Update: Look at That Floor!


Cosmos at Night

Maybe it’s the wine talking, but I thought this looked kind of cool. Related posts: Update on the Garden: Phlox, Cosmos, Crocosmia, Coneflowers! Garden Update: Cosmos, Hydrangea Garden Update: Coneflowers, Cosmos, Blackberries and Butterfly Bushes Update on the Garden: Phlox, […]