We have a family of cardinals nesting in our yard this spring. Daddy Cardinal likes our seed cake! Related posts: Of Cardinals and Street Fairs and Gardens and Such Planting Bulbs at SCF The Galette That Launched an Instagram Frenzy […]


Blueberries and Bumblebees

Just a couple shots from the front-yard garden this morning. The garlic is sprouting nicely, and the bumblebees are helping our blueberries along. Happy spring!     Related posts: Samantha Picks Blueberries Update on the Fields: Blueberries, Basil, Geraniums and Jasmine […]


Porch Season Opener

We christened porch season with a gin and tonic. And why not! The weather was warm enough — at least until the sun went down! A quick, but enjoyable, opening. Cheers! Related posts: The Porch Season Has Begun! Porch Opener: […]


April Showers

Those April showers are a little gloomy, but the bulbs peeking out are bring a brightnes to a dreary day. I’m so happy we planted them. Related posts: Random Pics from April 25 Planting Bulbs at SCF Our First Lilac […]


The First Daffodils of Spring

The first daffodils of the year! These little Tete a Tete daffodils are just brightening our first days of spring! Related posts: Spring at the Farm: Quince, Crocus, Daffodils and the Planting of Sweet Peas Update on the Garden: Lilacs, […]


Snow at the Farm

We haven’t had too much snow this year — save for the big one a few weeks ago — so this dusting was actually sort of pleasant. The birds are happy to find the suet in the pear tree, that’s […]



We’re getting lots of chickadees and woodpeckers on our suet feeder outside the big kitchen window. It’s such a pleasure seeing them every morning. Related posts: Sunday Morning Play Sunrise at the Farm Post Labor Day G&T (With a Gin […]


Spring in December

Things are sprouting that should not be sprouting. Here are all the spring flowers I saw on my walk today, starting with the chervil in our very own garden: Coneflower buds: ‘ Dianthus: Sedum buds: Daisies: Vinca: Kind of outrageous, […]


The Birds

A bizarre flock of birds taking rest in the trees above our walk around the JN building today. Noting the beauty. Related posts: A Pinecone Project Patio Update: The Rock Has Been Crushed Roast Chicken with Thyme, Lemon and Rosemary […]


We Have a Winner Watermelon!

The harvest complete, and we have great news. The watermelon was a big success! Red, sweet, juicy and delicious! Related posts: The Watermelon Harvest Watermelon-Basil Mojitos Michael Symon’s Watermelon and Halloumi Recipe: Watermelon-Peach-Tomato Salad with Chili and Lime


The Watermelon Harvest

I want it on the record that watermelons were planted without my consultation. I would not have planted a vine that needs more room to grow than we even have in our entire front yard. That being said, the joy […]


The Porch Is Done!

What a project! But it came out just beautifully. We are thankful.   Related posts: Porch Project: Removing the Carpet Porch Project 2015 Porch Update: Look at That Floor! Porch Project: More Paint Scraping


Cosmos at Night

Maybe it’s the wine talking, but I thought this looked kind of cool. Related posts: Update on the Garden: Phlox, Cosmos, Crocosmia, Coneflowers! Garden Update: Cosmos, Hydrangea Garden Update: Coneflowers, Cosmos, Blackberries and Butterfly Bushes Update on the Garden: Phlox, […]


Porch Project 2015

It started out innocently enough. We asked each other, “Who spilled something on the floor?” After a couple days, it still wasn’t drying, so we got the fan out and tried that.   The rug was soaked through and the […]