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Gorgeous Sunset

Simply beautiful sunset at the farm this evening! Oranges! Pinks! Purple! Related posts: Gorgeous Sunset Saturday Night at the Farm: Margies, Movies and a Marvelous Sunset A Beautiful March Sunset On the Longest Day of the Year, Rosé and a […]


Vintage Wallpaper at the Farm

While cleaning the radiator one afternoon, I found this wallpaper peeling from the wall behind it. I think it’s super-cool! We are debating about what to do with it. A fabric, perhaps, on Spoonflower?  Comments and suggestions welcome! Related posts: […]


A Holiday Cheese Ball

Greg was smitten with a recipe accompanying Kim Severson’s New York Times story about the cheese ball. A midwest — and Southern — staple, it makes us recall the Christmases of our youth. So we made it, to recall the Christmases […]


A Winter’s Walk

A nice walk through Oak Hill Cemetery, toward sunset on one of the shortest days of the year. Pretty!          Related posts: Rockland Lake Walk Lunch and a Walk with Sam A Lazy Sunday and a Walk A […]


Front Walk Options

It’s time to redo the front stairs here at SCF. On my recent walk, I snapped a couple of photos for inspiration. What do you think? Related posts: Update on the Patio: Front Walks are Done! Patio Progress: One Front […]


A Holiday Reading

The annual tradition of reading Truman Capote’s “A Christmas Memory” continues. We hosted this year, and at the table were Kris and Tom, Suzie and Joe, Irene, and two new friends, Jennifer and Amy. Even if you’re serving with fancy […]


Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good

Dorie Greenspan, you rascal. This recipe is so insanely delicious. And even better, it’s super-easy and it impresses your guests. It’s essentially a pumpkin stuffed with bread, cheese, bacon and cream. I mean. How can that be bad? It’s excellent […]

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Salty Dogs!

Our favorite December cocktail, the Salty Dog! See our previous Salty Dog coverage here: Salty Dogs. Salty Dogs 1 to 1 1/2 grapefruits (juice to equal 8 ounces) 2 tablespoons sea or kosher salt 8 ounces vodka or gin 2 […]


Crazy Cookie Exchange

An obscene amount of cookies at our work exchange this day! Plenty enough for everyone, and their entire families, too. Merry Christmas! Related posts: Mary Christmas from the Sister Outpost Christmas Cookies with Samantha Merry Christmas from Sour Cherry Farm […]


Gingerbread Cookies

I made dough for both Sugar Cookies and Gingerbread Men, but this year, we only got around to making the gingerbread. It’s a winner of a recipe, super easy and just enough spices to make it interesting, not dense. Roll […]


Pizza at Marta

Marta was so popular when it opened, it was mobbed no matter what time you went. You were lucky to get a table at 11 p.m. See our previous visit to Marta in Dec. 2015: Pizza at Marta. Now, while […]


Ham, Mushroom and Cheddar Omelet

Julia Child said it’s all in the wrist. But her omelet recipes took up 13 pages “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” My technique is a little less complicated. Maybe not as authentic. But it makes for a nice breakfast. […]


Maureen’s Jazz Cellar

Maureen’s, a new jazz club in Nyack is a honest-to-goodness jazz club, with top-notch talent performing shows, timed and ticketed just like in the city. You get there for a show, you order a couple of drinks or a snack, and […]


Sixty5 on Main

Sixty5 on Main, the newest restaurant in Nyack, could easily have been a disaster. Music venue. Ambitious menu. Enormous space. All signs point to no.   I’m happy to report, though, that the few drinks and snacks we had at […]


Torta at El Cunao

Oh. My. The El Cunao torta at is out of control delicious — and enormous. El Cunao is not messing around with this #torta. Chorizo, egg, beef, beans, onion, pepper, avocado and Oaxaca cheese. No way can I finish. #lohudfood […]


Design Within Reach Opens in Paramus

A celebration of a new studio opening, and this time, we were invited! As longtime SCF fans know, Greg now works for DWR, as a copywriter in the marketing department. He helped with a lot of the signage for this […]


A Christmas Aviation

Celebrate the holiday season with a festive Aviation! Aviation 3 ounces gin 1 ounce maraschino liqueur 1 ounce lemon juice 1 teaspoon creme de violette Combine all in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled […]


Lunch at Cyndia’s

A new favorite lunchtime place near the office: Cyndia’s. It’s an adorable little luncheonette in Totowa, N.J., with all homemade — and delicious — food. Today, in honor of the first flight to Cuba, I ordered a Cubano. The 411 […]


Our New Route

After years — years! — of walking at The Journal News office building in Westchester, it was time to plot out a new route at the new office. Here, Ed plots. We will keep you apprised on this important update. […]

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Thanksgiving Leftovers

A little egg, a little turkey, a little potato. A lot of yum. Turkey hash with Parmesan, avocado and egg. And hot sauce. Gotta have hot sauce. #sourcherryfarm #lohudfood #njeats #northjerseyeats #northjersey #leftovers #thanksgiving A photo posted by Liz Johnson […]

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Sidecars by the Fire

It’s that time of year, when we break out the brandy. Sidecar. Fire. Football. Cheers! #cocktails #lohudfood #njeats #northjersey #northjerseyeats A photo posted by Liz Johnson (@sourcherryfarm) on Nov 25, 2016 at 3:55pm PST Sidecar takes the chill off. Our […]


The Greek Village

A nice little Greek restaurant in Northvale, N.J., just over the border from Tappan. Hand-cut calamari: Greek sausage. Nice! FF with oregano. An unhappy child. My gyro was delishy. Falafel for Samantha. Good food! The 411 on The Greek Village. […]


Steak and Baked Potato Supper

It was one of those Saturday nights when you’re just craving comfort food. So that’s just what we made. First, a little cider. Then, steak, baked potato and mustard greens and arugula from the garden. Divine! The 1980s called; they […]


A Channing Daughters from the Cellar

A few years back, we were members of several Long Island wine clubs. Once a quarter, the wineries would ship us 3-4 bottles of exclusive wine, meant for club customers. This Sculpture Garden from Channing Daughters is among the last […]


Newsroom Meeting

After more than a month of working behind the scenes to launch the new, it finally came alive on Nov. 15. Rick led a newsroom-wide meeting to introduce the new digital team and to celebrate a new beginning. Ed, […]


Havana Nights at Church

Our parish’s annual fundraising party, and this year, the theme was Havana Nights. The church was decked out in tropical decorations, and people dressed — as best they could on a chilly night — as 1950s Cuba. My favorite item […]


Election Day (and Night)

An unexpected result, at least on my part. Voting in the morning. Longest line I’ve ever seen. We cooked with Kris and Tom and Irene, though I didn’t shoot our dinner or our shocked reactions to the television. Dessert: And […]


Settling in at The Record

After a couple of weeks getting to know our colleagues, Ed and I are settling in to our new newsroom. Thanks to everyone for making us feel so welcome. Related posts: Wednesdays at Dunne’s Greg Puts Up 6 Kilos of […]