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Employee Picnic

A couple of food trucks and some fun with colleagues. Svetlana: Sophia and Candace: Elyse ane me: Related posts: Settling in at The Record A Picnic at Oratamin The Crosby in Montclair Hair and Makeup! A Photo Shoot for 201


Sunday Morning in Beacon

Having left my phone charger at the restaurant the night before, and having no success getting anyone to answer the phone at The Roundhouse, I decided to take my chances someone had turned it in, and headed back to Beacon […]


The Roundhouse in Beacon

.An impromptu trip to Cold Spring to see Melanie! And we have dinner at a restaurant I’ve been looking forward to trying for a long time: The Roundhouse. First, some wine for later! So we head out. This view, looking […]


Picking Cherries!

It’s time, folks! Sour cherries are ripe. Gorgeous! And look who is my little helper. Also, hydrangeas! Related posts: Pickled Sour Cherries: Recipe Recipe: Maraschino Cherries Sour Cherries in Syrup: The First Harvest Poached Cherries


Reservoir Tavern in Boonton

A trip to Boonton, and some very good pizza. First, downtown Boonton. Sort of scrappy but artsy. Kind of like Beacon. And here, the famous pizza at the Reservoir Tavern, which opened in 1936. I’m sorry I didn’t take photos […]


High School Sports Awards

Our high school sports awards were held at the Prudential Center in Newark. Drinks before at Dinosaur BBQ: Rick, Ed, Elyse and Candace: New nametags! A message from Cory Booker:   Darren Cooper, our emcee. Related posts: A Hot Day […]


First Sour Cherry Harvest

We harvest the cherries from the dwarf tree, the North Star. A nice haul. Related posts: The Sour Cherry Harvest The Sour Cherry Harvest Sour Cherry Harvest: It’s Going to Be Huge Greg Describes the Sour Cherry Harvest


Sunday Bike Ride with Boo

A nice day for our annual ride and annual selfie at the Piermont train depot. Related posts: Annual Selfie: On the Rail Trail to Piermont A Bike Ride on the Rail Trail Big Bike Ride with Lexi Annual #selfie


G&T in the Garden

And all is well in the world. Gin and Tonic recipe here. Related posts: Gin and Tonic Recipe Post Labor Day G&T (With a Gin & Tonic Recipe) Gin and Tonic on the Patio A Day at the New York […]


Garden Update: Hydrangeas, Cherries

So pleased to see the oak leaf hydrangea will bloom this year! Geraniums and phlox: Cherry! Looking good! Related posts: Garden Update: Peonies, Iris, Cherries, Ninebark Garden Update: Cherries! Peonies! Currants! Update on the Garden: Phlox, Butterfly Bush, Hydrangea, Cosmos […]


Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque in Clifton

Brisket, chicken and rib sampler. With a broccoli salad on the side. Back when the same media company produced two different versions of the same story.hty Related posts: Mighty Quinn’s in Clifton Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in White Plains Farmers […]


New Art + Drinks on the Porch

I now have a new favorite piece of art, purchased at a tag sale around the corner. It was done in the 90s by the niece of the owner of a popular local frame shop, It’s the Hudson River in the […]



Looking great! Related posts: Garden Update: Cherries! Peonies! Currants! Peonies at the Farm How to Float Peonies Garden Update: Columbine, Peonies, Bees!


The Great Comet

Broadway, here we come, for a performance of The Great Comet. First, some pre-theater nourishment. Wine and snacks at Brasserie Athenee. And, to the show. These lights are fantastic! Look at the stage! #date A great show! Related posts: Pre-Theater […]


Hiram’s Roadstand in Fort Lee

We’re doing a little bit of a hot dog tour these days. Here, a visit to Hiram’s in Fort Lee. Damn good dogs here. Nice pop on the casing. Delicious meat. Great sauce. Might be my number one so far. The […]


Bash Burgers with Bacon Jam

We came across this recipe for Bash Burgers in the Food Network magazine, and knew it was going to hit on all cylinders: bacon! secret sauce! pickles! The recipe comes from Josh Capon, the chef of Lure Fishbar, and, we […]


Libby’s Lunch in Paterson

Right near the Great Falls in Paterson sits one of New Jersey’s most famous hot dog joints: Libby’s Lunch. There’s a menu. But what you get here are hot dogs. One all the way. One with kraut. There’s a lovely […]


Rutt’s Hutt in Clifton

A classic — and famous — Jersey hot dog spot. Rutt’s Hut is famous for its ripper, a hot dog that’s fried until it cracks. But the place might just as well be famous for its old school, classic look. […]


We Have Installed the Sail

Protection from the setting sun is now available at the farm. Related posts: Wherein We Hoist a Sail and Enjoy the Garden for Happy Hour The Farm Gets New Plants Bee Class at Stone Barns


Porch Party!

A gorgeous evening for friends and fun on the porch. Salad and meat, of course! An evening of laughs as always. Related posts: Supper on the Porch: Cedar Plank Salmon and Strawberry-Kale Salad BLTs on the Porch On the Porch […]


Casa Mono in Manhattan

Tapas! I remember what a revolution Casa Mono was when it opened; bringing to the main stream not only to Spanish tapas, but also to innovating and exciting dishes like cocks combs. It has always been a favorite of mine. […]


Yikes, We Have a Swarm

Rats. The spring got away from us again. Greg collects it and put it in our empty hive body, though, so maybe not all is lost. Related posts: The Bees Swarm! Bees Swarm! Bee Class at Stone Barns Our Bees […]


The Crosby in Montclair

The Crosby is a new-ish spot in Montclair — a great spot for drinks, especially considering how few places have liquor licenses in New Jersey. The space is open and airy, and the cocktail menu was creatively devised (bonus: the drinks are […]


Hive Inspection

Not our first hive inspection. We did one in April, saw swarm cells, and moved the queen and some brood to a new hive. This is what we’re seeing now. Drone cells. This seems OK to me in a hive […]


Rum House in Manhattan

My friend Travis is in town, so we met for drinks before his curtain for The Great Comet. I loved having post-theater cocktails at the Rum House in the fall, so suggested we meet there. Turns out, Travis and his husband, […]


Morels for Supper

Morels as big as your head were at the farmers market. Now they are in our salad bowls. Related posts: All Local Supper: Scallops, Greens and Polenta Cooking for One: Saturday Night Supper Sunday Night Supper: Scallops and Mushrooms Loaded […]


Spring at the Nyack Farmers Market

The spring season is in full swing now at the market. Asparagus is in, so are ramps. And I found a very special treat there today. Morels! Love my Larchmont charcuterie. Gorgeous lilacs. Related posts: Spring at the Nyack Farmers […]