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Sunday Night Supper: Scallops and Mushrooms

We just can’t resist the scallops at the Palisades Farmers Market. So we got ourselves some for Sunday night supper. We sauteed those suckers, cooked some mushrooms and called it a night. Related posts: Sunday Night Supper: Scallops Saturday Night […]


Sunday Night Supper: Scallops

We just love the fish we’ve been getting at the Palisades Farmers Market from Pura Vida Fishery. Captain Rick fishes off the coast of Long Island, and brings us his catch. Man are those scallops terrific. Related posts: Saturday Night […]


Progress in the Orchards

The apples are blossoming, the cherries are forming and the apricots are looking great. Here’s a look: Related posts: Spring at the Farm: Asparagus, Apples and Sour Cherries


Recipe: Chocolate Toffee Cookies

Sarah turned me on to the Smitten Kitchen web site, where there are a lot of good vegetarian recipes and tons and tons of sweets. That girl likes to bake! I normally don’t like to bake, but these cookies are […]


Get Thee to The Cookery

I had a lovely supper with Marissa and Boo at The Cookery. We even tried lambs brains ravioli! I wasn’t too keen on it, but you know what? It tastes like butter. Related posts: Recipe for Easter Pie, Step-by-Step


Recipe: Cilantro Rice with Peas

Another winner from Martha Stewart Living. Part of a whole meal idea, too: it goes great with Jalapeno Garlic Shrimp and Mango-Radish Salad. Related posts: Recipe: Jalapeno-Garlic Shrimp Quick Barbecue Sauce Flank Steak with Garlic and Herbs Dry Rub for […]


Dancing Country at the Broken Spoke

The Broken Spoke is an Austin institution; the last of the true country dance halls; the home of honky tonk. It’s been around for more than 40 years, and it hasn’t changed a bit. This is both a good and […]


Dinner at La Condesa in Austin

On Saturday night, the adults got some of their own fun time. First, we headed to supper at La Condesa, a new-ish modern Mexican restaurant downtown. Wow. Was that food amazing. Related posts: Step 1: Arrive in Austin. Step 2: […]


Supper with the Whole Gang

Jessica and Kelly hosted the whole family for dinner on Friday night, including Sarah and Mae and Jane, and Kelly’s brother and sister-in-law Brady and Karen and their two girls. You might say it was a family reunion of sorts. […]


Lunch at Frank: Hot Dogs of All Kinds

Sarah and the girls and I headed to Frank, the artisan hot dog place in Austin, for lunch on Thursday. All in all, good food. But something about the atmosphere was a little annoying. For one thing, it was super-loud. […]


Quick Barbecue Sauce

A great all-around barbecue sauce from The Cook’s Illustrated Guide to Grilling and Barbecue. It tastes like it took all day to make, but it is really quite simple. Related posts: Dry Rub for Barbecue Flank Steak with Garlic and […]


Dry Rub for Barbecue

When we used this recipe from The Cook’s Illustrated Guide To Grilling And Barbecue to season 5 pork shoulders, we doubled this recipe and ended up with just the right amoung. For 1 pork shoulder, this should do, and you’ll […]


At the Bar at Mima, Book in Hand

It had been quite a while since I visited Mima in Irvington, so a couple of Fridays ago, I took my book to the bar and had some wine while I waited for Kelli to finish putting her children to […]


Antoine McGuire’s in Haverstraw

Another in the fine line of Small Bites products: First Taste: Antoine McGuire’s in Haverstraw. SCF fans, please enjoy again. My first thought when leaving Antoine McGuire’s a few weeks ago? When can I come back? That’s a good sign […]