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How to Make the Best BLT Ever

You want to know how to make the best BLT ever? Well, making a kick-ass BLT takes effort. Not a lot of skill, but patiences, smarts and good sense. You have to plan ahead. The first sensible thing to do […]


Frisee aux Lardons

One of our favorite salads, and an excuse to have breakfast for dinner. Wash the lettuce and make most of your dressing, then put a pot of water on to simmer. Cook the lardons in a pan on real low […]


Christmas Morning 2012

Something tells me this might be the last Christmas morning I sleep in for a very long while. So we took advantage of that! A few gifts to exchange, a big breakfast of French toast and brown sugar, black pepper […]


Recipe: Braised Green Beans

When you think of braising, it’s usually meats, right? A pork shoulder, bubbling for hours in a bath of milk? Or a brisket, getting so juicy and tender in tomato sauce? Well one of my favorite braising recipes could be […]


Sips and Snacks at Vandaag

We had a date with Team America. The movie. And the best part? It was a sing-along. Those of you who know the words to some of the songs in that movie probably understand: that’s bound to be a lot […]


Yellow Bean Dish and Wedge Salad

For supper tonight, two of Sour Cherry Farm’s favorite dishes: Yellow Bean Dish, a vinegary-sweet soupy stew of yellow wax beans and small potatoes that’s a Doris special; and iceberg wedge with blue cheese dressing, this time made even more […]


Pizza Saves the Porch Night

Irene came over for a glass of wine on the porch, and we found ourselves enjoying the warm weather so much that we didn’t want to leave to go downtown to the pub. We scrounged in the kitchen and found […]


Breakfast on a Snow Day

With the snow falling outside, we decided to go for bacon. And why not? Related posts: Sunday Morning Breakfast at the House Saturday Morning Breakfast: Eggs and Toast Breakfast: Apricots and Blueberrys from the Garden Breakfast Buffet for the Farm […]


Porcini and Bacon Sauce

Goes great with steak. Right? Yes. Recipe after the jump. Related posts: Quick Barbecue Sauce Recipe: Linguine with Clam Sauce (or Linguine alla Vongole) How To Make Bacon In the Oven Recipe: Cilantro Rice with Peas