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Mighty Quinn’s in Clifton

Mighty Quinn’s BBQ takes its inspiration from the South, but comes to us from New York City. Our outpost in Clifton seems to combine the best of both. It’s an order-at-the-counter type place. And you move down the line. As […]


Smoking Ribs! Tips and a Recipe

They don’t call it Smokestack Rub for nothing! Watch our little Snapchat video here (you can follow us @sourcherryfarm) and see all the smoke that comes with barbecuing ribs, plus learn some tips on how to get them ready for […]


Smokestack Ribs: A Terrific Rub Recipe

A big batch of ribs, smoked over hickory for nearly 6 hours. We served them with cole slaw, cornbread and collards. Here’s the recipe for the rub: Smokestack Rub. Related posts: Smokestack Rub Recipe: Braised Short Ribs Fourth of July […]


Dinner at Dinosaur BBQ

Let’s see: Somewhat near the Cloisters? Delicious food? Kid-friendly? Bingo: Dinosaur BBQ. That is my lovely combo platter with pulled pork, brisket and ribs along with salt potatoes and an iceberg wedge. Man oh man was that delicious. Sam had […]


Recipe: Franklin’s Espresso BBQ Sauce

Frankin BBQ used to be in a trailer that shared a parking lot with a coffee roaster. An espresso barbecue sauce was a natural. From Texas Eats by Robb Walsh. Frankin’s Espresso BBQ Sauce Makes about 7 cups. 4 cups […]


Aaron Franklin’s Butcher Paper Brisket

SCF fans may remember our trip to Franklin Barbecue back in 2010. Well that little barbecue trailer has become the most popular barbecue restaurant in Austin, which is to say it is some of the most popular barbecue in the country. […]


Ribs at Bailey’s in Blauvelt

You know what? The barbecue ain’t bad there. Related posts: Recipe: Braised Short Ribs Fourth of July Supper: Smoked Ribs and Chicken Lunch at Frank: Hot Dogs of All Kinds Bobby’s Burger Palace: This Burger is Crunchified!


Smokestack Rub

We’re on to a new barbecue rub this summer, and especially like it because it doesn’t have sugar in it, so the rub doesn’t burn on the grill. The recipe comes from the Smokestack restaurant in Kansas City, and we […]


Quick Barbecue Sauce

A great all-around barbecue sauce from The Cook’s Illustrated Guide to Grilling and Barbecue. It tastes like it took all day to make, but it is really quite simple. Related posts: Dry Rub for Barbecue Flank Steak with Garlic and […]


Dry Rub for Barbecue

When we used this recipe from The Cook’s Illustrated Guide To Grilling And Barbecue to season 5 pork shoulders, we doubled this recipe and ended up with just the right amoung. For 1 pork shoulder, this should do, and you’ll […]