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Blueberries and Bumblebees

Just a couple shots from the front-yard garden this morning. The garlic is sprouting nicely, and the bumblebees are helping our blueberries along. Happy spring!     Related posts: Samantha Picks Blueberries Update on the Fields: Blueberries, Basil, Geraniums and Jasmine […]


Ron Breland and His Bees

Ron Breland is an organic beekeeper who lives in West Nyack with his wife, who is a terrific gardener. They make a fine pair! Greg was interviewing Ron for an article on honey and bees for The Valley Table magazine, […]

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Bee Class at Stone Barns

Stone Barns Center has started a series calleld “Beekeeping for Newbees,” and Greg and I were there to learn all about setting up the hive, the queen’s nuptial flight and other bee-related knowledge. Dan Carr, Stone Barns livestock assistant and […]


Blizzard No. 2

We got slammed again. About a foot this time, I’d say. Here’s a look. Related posts: Cleaning Up after the Blizzard Christmas Blizzard 2010 A Tree Comes Down in Nyack Sunday at the Farm: Hot Dogs and Hydrangeas


Bearding Bees

We were quite frightened when we first saw the bees doing this. But once our bee friends told us it was completely normal, we quite liked watching them try to stay cool in hot weather. It’s called bearding. And it […]


The Bees are Buzzing!

I ran the lawnmower in front of the bees, and boy did they get all uppity about it! They were buzzing so much I had to get the camera out. So here’s a look-see. More photos, after the jump. Related […]


The Farm Gets Bees!

After our trip to see Stephen’s bees, Greg was a goner. His heart was set on getting bees, no matter what. He was all crazy researching where to find them — and really the closest place was up near Saratoga […]