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Christmas Night 2014: More Presents!

Grammy and LeighLo came over in the early afternoon for cocktails, tamales and more presents! Samantha took in an even bigger haul: Legos from the Waggoners, an ornament from the Wunches, clothes from Mark and Angie and a game from […]


Clementine Sour

Rosie Schapp, who created this Clementine Sour cocktail for the New York Times, likes to call it the Christmas Day Clementine Sour. And that is indeed when we enjoyed it. But I am editing the title of the drink for […]


What’s-in-the-Fridge Hash!

A few potatoes, a little bacon, some chicken, too — garlic, onions and top it with an egg. Now that’s a Christmas Day leftovers hash! Related posts: Quick Supper: Frittata Recipe: Beef Bourguignon Mustard-Roasted Potatoes Summer Vegetable Frittata


A Walk at the Lake

As you all know, I write these blog posts quite a bit after they happen sometimes. This week, however, I’m pretty on top of things, and I will tell you: We are super-exicted to say that this was our first […]


Christmas Morning 2014

For the first year, Samantha sort of understood Christmas. She got that Santa was coming, and that he brought her a stuffed stocking and a big present, sitting on a chair in the living room. In her stocking, Sam got […]

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Christmas Eve 2014

Church. Cocktails. Photos by the tree. Dinner. Dessert. Fire. Family. Friends. Merry Christmas! At the kids service at Grace: Les Dorkages at the tree: Samantha thanks Kelli and Sarah for her beautiful dress: Photo credit, Samantha:   Kale salad with […]


Smashed Potatoes

A great do-ahead recipe to serve with a roast. You boil new potatoes, then smash them with the heel of your hand and store them on a sheet pan until your roast is out of the oven and resting! Thanks […]


Kale Salad with Squash and Toasted Almonds

This Northern Spy Kale Salad, discovered on Food52, has become a staple this holiday season: I made it first for the Advent Party, then Kris and Tom brought it for the annual reading of ‘A Christmas Memory,’ and now it’s […]


Christmas Dinner Prep

Baba au rhum, butternut squash, kale salad, and cocktail planning. We’ll be ready! Related posts: Christmas Dinner at the Farm 2010: Tamales, Hibiscus Margies, Baba Au Rhum Prepping for Christmas Dinner Christmas Eve 2012 Christmas Eve Eve Dinner: Dinosaur Black […]


Christmas Pageant at Grace Church

Our little angel was an angel. For real. Well, as a costume, anyway. Waiting in the wings, with her friend Holly: Miss Bonnie, herding cats: Sam with Bonnie: The camel! And the star! Angels, making their way: Everyone all on […]


The Annual Forbes Holiday Party

Merry Christmas from Mount Kisco! Our friends Ed and Emily threw their annual holiday party this Saturday before Christmas. A fun time was had by all! Here are a few pics~ Bill, Mary, Brendan and Ed: Liz and Doug: Their […]


‘A Christmas Memory’: Our Annual Reading

It’s become a wonderful Christmas tradition among friends of Sour Cherry Farm: we take turns reading from Truman Capote’s ‘A Christmas Memory.’ It’s a heartwarming, and heartbreaking tale — a true one, they say — about a little boy and his […]


Home Theater Set Up at SCF

I’ll let Hunna go into the details on this, but let me share with you our Christmas present to ourselves: A new home theater set-up, complete with AV reciever (Yamaha; purchased this fall); a new Epson projector (purchased on the […]


Christmas Cookies

I have found a sugar cookie I can really get behind. Not just an excuse to have pretty red and green colors but actually a tasty cookie you’d want to eat on its own. I found this wonderful recipe on Food52. […]


Messiah Sing and Advent Party!

A don’t-miss for the holiday season: The Messiah Sing at Grace Church. I’m thinking of getting my own score for next year! No photos from church, but afterwards, we popped into the advent party, which was hosted with aplomb by […]


A New Advent Wreath

As part of the “research” he has to do for his job, Greg gets to discover all kinds of beautiful products by creative designers everywhere. One he recently came across, the 4-­Armed Heima Candlestick from Normann Copenhagen.     A candle […]


Decorating the Tree

Stick with it, as she fumbles a bit trying to open the string wide enough to fit on the edge of a branch, then tries a couple of branches before she gets it. Then she says something that will melt […]


Get Your Holidays On!

We wasted no time transitioning from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Sunday after church, we headed straight to the firehouse to pick out our tree. Greg can pick them right away, every time! While Sam napped, I did the lights, and then […]