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Merry Christmas 2016!

A wonderfully quiet, laid-back day, with gifts, breakfast and a brisk walk around Rockland Lake. Santa brought Sam a robot! Hunna wins the wrapping contest once again. Just gorgeous! Hunna, Sam, Boo. Post-present relaxation. Sondra and Leigh join us for […]


Christmas Eve 2016

We scored a last-minute guest to Christmas Eve services and dinner. Welcome to the Farm, Boo! Sondra, before the 4 p.m. service. Owen preaches. A star hangs above the entrance to the church.    Sam, in festive Christmas attire. Our […]


A Holiday Cheese Ball

Greg was smitten with a recipe accompanying Kim Severson’s New York Times story about the cheese ball. A midwest — and Southern — staple, it makes us recall the Christmases of our youth. So we made it, to recall the Christmases […]


Christmas Pageant 2016

My little angel is growing up! This year in the Christmas Pageant, she was a “lead angel,” and led the procession down the aisle to “Glooooooria,” twirling as she went.    No room in the inn. Ready to go, Sam? […]


A Holiday Reading

The annual tradition of reading Truman Capote’s “A Christmas Memory” continues. We hosted this year, and at the table were Kris and Tom, Suzie and Joe, Irene, and two new friends, Jennifer and Amy. Even if you’re serving with fancy […]


Crazy Cookie Exchange

An obscene amount of cookies at our work exchange this day! Plenty enough for everyone, and their entire families, too. Merry Christmas! Related posts: Mary Christmas from the Sister Outpost Christmas Cookies with Samantha Merry Christmas from Sour Cherry Farm […]


A Christmas Sunday

  A very Christmas-y Sunday. Church, cookies, stockings! First, at church, we got to ring the handbells during the service!    After church, Sam and I made some gingerbread men. (Recipe here: Gingerbread Cookies.) And in the evening, I finished […]


Gingerbread Cookies

I made dough for both Sugar Cookies and Gingerbread Men, but this year, we only got around to making the gingerbread. It’s a winner of a recipe, super easy and just enough spices to make it interesting, not dense. Roll […]


Messiah Sing!

The annual Messiah Sing at Grace Church is a don’t-miss on our holiday calendar. And this year, we finally came bearing our own scores! Hallelujah! Related posts: Messiah Sing and Advent Party! Messiah Sing Blessing of the Animals The Annual […]


Pat’s Hubba Hubba in Port Chester

I’ve been covering the food beat in the Lower Hudson Valley for longer than I care to admit, and yet, I’d never been to one of the great late-night spots: Pat’s Hubba Hubba. Pat’s is known for its chili — […]


Playing Checkers

One of Sam’s (many) Christmas presents was a chess-checkers game. Greg has been enjoying teaching her some strategy: Related posts: Merry Christmas! Sam’s First Swim Playing in the Sandbox Merry Christmas!


Christmas Night at Peggy and Jim’s

A magical Christmas night at Peggy and Jim’s this year. Ham! Sweet potatoes with pecans! Green beans! And so much delicious dessert. Sam and Maggie playing as Amanda looks surprised! Greg, David, Leigh: Conversation in the great room: Setting the […]


Breakfast Strata

The last thing you want to do when you wake up on Christmas morning is cook. So make your breakfast the night before. How does egg, spinach, sausage and cheese sound? I’ve made this Christmas breakfast strata recipe a few times, […]


Pumpkin Bread

There’s something very Christmas-y about baking a loaf of pumpkin bread. It fills the house with the aroma of those winter-warm spices while it’s cooking, and afterwards, becomes the oh-I’ll-just-sneak-a-taste snack cake you just need to have lying around over […]


Merry Christmas!

As you might expect, Samantha made out like a bandit. From Santa: A teepee, a toy rocketship and some drawing pads. From Grammy and LeighLo: a toy piano, a microscope and doll clothes. From mom and dad: a game of […]


Singing Christmas Carols

A ridiculously cute performance of “Dreidle, Dreidle” and “The 12 Days of Christmas,” then a visit from (who else?) Santa Claus. Five golden rings! Santa came! Merry Christmas! Related posts: Singing Carols Mary Christmas from the Sister Outpost Merry Christmas […]


Christmas Pageant at Grace Church

Our little angel! Sam, Holly and Carter: A heavenly host! Waiting to go on. Gloria!   And afterwards, the parish advent party: Related posts: Christmas Pageant at Grace Church Christmas Eve at Grace Church Welcome Samantha Grace! A Harvest Costume Party […]


A Night of Holiday Parties

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas! Two fun parties this December Saturday. The first, with kids, and for Hanukkah. Brian and Margery, you brave people! The second, without kids, and for Christmas. Deirdre, you hard worker! Both so much fun. Kids! […]


How to Make Salt Dough Ornaments

This is not, nor ever will be, a craft blog. But when you have a four-year-old, and you’re heading into Christmas, some crafting is bound to be done. This year, it’s salt dough ornaments. So here is my obligatory Christmas […]


A Trip to See The Nutcracker

Sam has been practicing the Nutcracker ballet all semester, so we thought it would be fun to take her to see a children’s version in the city. An hour long version by the New York Theatre Ballet at the Florence […]


The Tree is Up

So beautiful. It’s so comforting to take out those ornaments and remember the friends and family we’ve shared them with over the years. Related posts: The Concept Tree at Sour Cherry Farm The Tree is Up at the Farm! A […]


Annual ‘A Christmas Memory’ Reading

Our annual reading of “A Christmas Memory” with Kris, Tom and Irene. Quivering voices, laughter and tears all made an appearance at this year’s rendition, as always. But the evening  ended up being a little more special than usual: it inspired […]

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Sour Cherry Pie

It was a stellar year for cherries, let me tell you. All in all, we made a pie, a shrub and 4 cases of preserves! Yes, your Christmas presents are all ready! Our famous pie recipe can be found here: […]


Sam at Ballet

Sam has been loving the ballet lessons that Grammy got her for Christmas. Here’s a visit to the class, when Samantha got to play the starring role in the production of “Cinderella.”           ` Related posts: […]


New Year’s Day, Southern Style

Our new friends Susie and Joe invited us to their annual New Year’s Day party, where they revel in Southern heritage and serve all the New Year’s lucky foods: Black eyed peas, ham, grits, collards and, of course, Joe’s famous biscuits! […]


Christmas Night 2014: More Presents!

Grammy and LeighLo came over in the early afternoon for cocktails, tamales and more presents! Samantha took in an even bigger haul: Legos from the Waggoners, an ornament from the Wunches, clothes from Mark and Angie and a game from […]


Clementine Sour

Rosie Schapp, who created this Clementine Sour cocktail for the New York Times, likes to call it the Christmas Day Clementine Sour. And that is indeed when we enjoyed it. But I am editing the title of the drink for […]