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Brunch at the Beehive

Megan and I are on a pancake jag. We’re hunting down the best in lohud land for an upcoming story. No story on brunch of any sort would be complete without a mention of the Beehive in Armonk. It is […]


Breakfast Strata

The last thing you want to do when you wake up on Christmas morning is cook. So make your breakfast the night before. How does egg, spinach, sausage and cheese sound? I’ve made this Christmas breakfast strata recipe a few times, […]


Blackberry Farm’s Deviled Eggs

We have a beautiful cookbook from Blackberry Farm, which is not too far from our cabin in Tennessee. With a quasi-Southern menu for our Easter supper already going, we thought: why not make Blackberry Farm’s Deviled Eggs, which, according to […]


Natural Dye for Easter Eggs

Cabbage. Red onions. Turmeric. Beets. They all make beautiful dye for Easter eggs, and it’s all-natural, too. And what a lucky discovery: the dye that was left on the paper towels as they dried? Made some of our eggs even […]


Brunch at The East Pole

The East Pole is a new(ish) restaurant on the Upper East Side from the guys behind The Fat Radish and The LeadBelly. We chose brunch at The East Pole becuase it was only a few blocks from the Whitney, with […]


Frisee aux Lardons

One of our favorite salads, and an excuse to have breakfast for dinner. Wash the lettuce and make most of your dressing, then put a pot of water on to simmer. Cook the lardons in a pan on real low […]


Snowstorm Breakfast

Another storm! We woke up to a few inches, and expected even more to pile up throughout the day. A fortifying breakfast was in order! Benton’s bacon, Charlie’s eggs and Fairway’s brioche. Delishy! Related posts: Sunday Morning Breakfast at the […]


Summer Vegetable Frittata

A great summer vegetable frittata recipe to solve your leftovers problem. Use whatever vegetables you have on hand, and add meat or chicken or bacon, or not. Summer Vegetable Frittata 1 onion, diced 3 cooked sausages, cut into coins 1 […]


On the Porch for Pesto

A serendipitous supper on Friday night! Kris and Tom brought over salad from their garden, zucchini blossoms from the farmers market, cheese and salami, and eggs from their friend’s chickens. We put that together with our garlic scape pesto, Wave […]


Quick Supper: Frittata

Leftovers in the fridge? This is the way to go. Saute some onions, chop up the leftovers — we had sausage and asparagus from the garden — add them to the onions and pour 8 or so beaten eggs over […]

Tom and Jerry cocktails
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Tom and Jerry Cocktails

A long time ago — so long that I did not even have a blog — there was a failed attempt at Tom and Jerry cocktails. After the recent article in the New York Times, I felt I needed vindication. […]


BLT with Egg: Genius or Outrageous?

What do you think of topping an already decadent BLT with a runny farm-fresh egg? I think it was genius. But maybe you think it’s outrageous? Whatever the case, it’s not an every day sort of meal. But when you […]


Cooking for One: Egg Burrito

My version of the terrific egg burrito at Mimi’s Plate in Tappan. It’s made with eggs, avocado, cheddar and salsa. Related posts: Cooking for One: Saturday Night Supper Cooking for One: Salad With Chopped Pork and Snap Peas Breakfast at […]


Egg Salad with Lemon, Capers and Chives

Another winner of a recipe from Mindy Fox’s Salads: Beyond the Bowl book. I’m taking a little bit of liberty with this recipe, however, because I cook eggs differently than Mindy does. She prefers to prick a hole in the […]


Cooking for One: Saturday Night Supper

Greg may be at work, but that doesn’t mean we can’t eat well on Saturday nights here at SCF. I present eggs over easy with Schaller & Weber lardons, arugula from the garden and Wave Hill bread with lemon olive […]

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Recipe: Roasted Vegetable Frittata

For Saturday night supper this week, we went vegetarian: Roasted Vegetable Frittata with asparagus, zucchini, roasted red peppers, chives and feta cheese. Related posts: Recipe: Zucchini-Tomato Gratin Recipe: Olive Oil Roasted Tomatoes and Fennel with White Beans Jeweled Roasted Vegetables […]


Valentine’s Day: For the Love of An Egg

On Valentine’s Day, with Greg at work til midnight, I celebrated my love affair with eggs. I made some local Hudson Valley polenta, warmed up some leftover tomato auce and poached an egg in the sauce. Voila, vegetarian eggs in […]


Shakshooka at Art Cafe in Nyack

Yes, as our friend Tania commented on facebook, Art Cafe is like our new Cheers! But we found a new discovery there for brunch Sunday, and I think it will become our regular order: Shakshooka: It’s eggs baked in a […]


Breakfast on a Snow Day

With the snow falling outside, we decided to go for bacon. And why not? Related posts: Sunday Morning Breakfast at the House Saturday Morning Breakfast: Eggs and Toast Breakfast: Apricots and Blueberrys from the Garden Breakfast Buffet for the Farm […]


Saturday Morning Breakfast: Eggs and Toast

Soft boiled eggs, cooked for exactly five minutes and then shocked with ice water. Cranberry-walnut toast from Bobolink Dairy. Before. After. Slurp. Related posts: Saturday Morning Breakfast Sunday Morning Brekky: Eggs with Arugula, Tortillas and Salsa Breakfast at The Friendly […]