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Summer Supper at the Farm

A wonderful summer day with the cousins. Pool! Bubbles! Teepee! And a good meal around the table. The girls playing at Oratamin:    And, back at the house, Bambi, bubble machine and teepee: Figs and feta: Famous SCF chicken, cowboy […]


Dinner and a Movie

A cousins day! First, a showing of the BFG, then supper at the Farm. Wow. When did tickets creep up to $16! It’s been a while, I guess. Mae playing pokemon: Grammy and the girls! Sarah, Jane, Lala! Home, trying […]


Supper at The Ranch

Tacos! An easy dinner at the ranch before Lala and Sarah head off to Broadway for a couple of days to see Hamilton!    Good times. Related posts: Supper at the Ranch Sloppy Joe Supper at the Ranch Saturday Supper […]


The Headband Game!

My family is a bunch of dorks. And it makes me so proud. A rainy morning at the cabin and Sarah breaks out “Headbands.” You put this on your head. Everyone else knows what you are. You do not. So […]


Twin Jammer!

Today on the boat: Twin Jammer, with Sam going solo! First, a little dock and swim action. Then, her solo voyage. Well, not solo, but without an adult. She was so proud of her bravery! Related posts: Sam’s First Swim […]


Impromptu Fun with Friends

Jane says, how about you guys come over, we’ll put on a movie for the kids and order some pizza. And we said, sounds like a blast! And it was. Some drinks. Some Cards Against Humanity. Some Star Wars: Good times. […]


Supper at the Ranch

The visit from the sister outpost is, sadly, coming to an end. The last hurrah was a delicious supper of grilled chicken and corn at the Ranch. We drank some rose, the girls put on a show for us — […]


Horsing Around in the Yard

A quiet evening at the farm, kids playing, adults relaxing. This is summer, summer!, the heart says!   Related posts: Horsing Around on the Porch Lunch at the Yard House Sunday Evening Supper at Oratamin Concert in the Park: Laurie, […]


Cousins are Here! Supper at the Farm

Sarah has arrived for her annual visit! For our first family dinner, we gathered at the farm to have steak, watermelon salad, corn and Doris’ Cucumber Salad. Fun in the yard! Fun on the patio! Yummy supper: The girls have […]



Sam had her first sleepover at Grammy’s, and enjoyed time with her cousins, too. Cute girls. Related posts: Pizza with Cousins! Cousins! Cousins on the Couch Horsing Around on the Porch


Claire Turns Four

How is it possible that the little girl across the street — the one who was just six months old when Samantha was born — is turning four? But there you have it. She is. And it’s another fun birthday […]


Dinner at Brickhouse in Nyack

A nice evening out with our neighbors Jane and Pat. And a few of the dishes ended up in my review for lohud and The Journal News: Restaurants We Love: Brickhouse, Nyack. Since I’ve already described the food in detail […]

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Snow Day at Sour Cherry Farm

First big snowstorm of the season, and we have pancakes, make snow angels and build a snowman. Pretty successful run, I’d say! Snow on tree: Yummy winter breakfast: Can we go out now, mommy? With Claire and Jane: Snow angels: […]


At the Pool with Claire

Jane and I took the girls for a swim at Oratamin. Here are a few pics: Related posts: Happy Birthday Claire! A Picnic at Oratamin Sam’s First Swim Oratamin Winter Social


Supper at the Ranch!

An early supper at the Ranch with the cousins! Excuse the blur! Chicken, salad and bulgar salad: Related posts: Sloppy Joe Supper at the Ranch Supper at the Ranch: Farewell to Lexi Supper at the Ranch Saturday Supper at The […]


Happy Birthday Claire!

Sam’s friend Claire (and our friends Jane and Pat) invited us to her third birthday party. Wonderful weather, delicious food and fun with friends. Here are a few pics:        Related posts: Happy Birthday, Leigh! Matt’s 40th Birthday Party at […]


A Neighborhood Pot Luck

In the last couple of years we’ve made some new friends in the neighborhood, most of them with kids about the same age as Sam. A few even go to the same day care. And at this year’s day care […]


Mary Christmas from the Sister Outpost

A little greeting from down South, where Jane and Mae are writing signs and acting silly. Merry (or is that Mary!) Christmas: Related posts: Sunday Supper at the Sister Outpost Merry Christmas from Sour Cherry Farm Christmas Eve Eve Dinner: […]


Supper at the Farm with Pat and Jane

Our ‘new’ neighbors have lived across the street for almost two years now, but we hadn’t had a chance to have supper together until now. Way overdue, and so much fun, too. We took a cue from Peggy’s delishy appetizer […]

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The High Line and a Pizza Lunch

An adventure in the city, with a walk on the High Line and a pizza lunch at Artichoke Basille, which does New York-style pizza right. Here’s a look at the photos.      Here’s a stop to see “Untitled” by […]


More Concerts in the Park

Another Tuesday, another show! The whole family gathered at the park for a picnic of chicken, Alice’s and Doris’, and Kris and Irene came bearing gifts from Rubiner’s in Great Barrington: fabulous cheeses and charcuterie. Tom’s friends Sally and Dave […]