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A Big Wine!

On a random winter Saturday, we decided to open a big bottle of wine. B-I-G big! We brought two up from the cellar to decide. Both bottles were gifts from our Wine, Wit and Wisdom Shower, an engagement party-slash-Jack and […]


Amagansett, Day 1

We’re back in Amagansett for a week of beach life. A little beach time during the day. A little dinner for the kids. Then babysitter comes to the unit and we head to the beach for magic hour. Cheers! Related […]


Lunch at ABC Kitchen

We adored our lunch at ABC Kitchen. You just feel like you’re dining in New York. Something about it — the local farm-to-table menu, the relaxed but beautiful setting, the here-and-now feeling of the food — just make you feel […]


Supper with the Whole Gang

Jessica and Kelly hosted the whole family for dinner on Friday night, including Sarah and Mae and Jane, and Kelly’s brother and sister-in-law Brady and Karen and their two girls. You might say it was a family reunion of sorts. […]