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Mountain House with Grandmom

After spending the afternoon at Grandmom’s apartment, the family went out for an early supper: pizza at the Mountain House. The pizza there is as good as you’ll find anywhere. Really thin crust, nice sauce. And the service is friendly. […]

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Supper at the Ranch

We hadn’t been to the Ranch in quite a while, so to squeeze in a visit, we made a rare Friday night date. I had frozen the leftover ham from last week’s book club meeting, but it seemed a perfect […]

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Sunday Supper at the Ranch

Vegetarian chili, cornbread, and cookies — of course. Related posts: Sunday Supper at the Ranch Sunday Supper with Grandmom and the Ranchers: Burgers, Wedge and Corn Salad Sunday Night Supper: Mini-Thanksgiving Supper at the Ranch with Sarah, Mae, Jane and […]


Election Night at O’D’s

Back when I was a cub reporter and worked the city desk on election night, the whole gang used to end up at O’Donoghue’s sometime in the wee hours of the morning to relax with a beer after all the […]


Barcel, for a Celebration

Mom had a big anniversary to celebrate. So we celebrated. The four of us went to Barcel. We ate well indeed, as usual. Mom’s shrimp and chorizo: Related posts: Supper at Cafe Barcel Back at Barcel Friday Night at Barcel […]

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An Easy Supper: Hot Dogs!

We wanted to visit with the folks, but didn’t feel much like cooking. So I went to Old World Market and stocked up on salads from their deli counter, chili, bun and, of course: hot dogs! Related posts: Easy Supper […]

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Supper in the Orchard

A family get-together in the orchard, with the Ranchers, Grandmom, Boo, Sarah and the girls. We had a cornucopia of supper vegetables and a grilled pork chop on top: Related posts: Summer Supper in the Orchard at the Farm Supper […]


Sunday Supper at the Ranch

For Sunday supper at the Ranch, we dined on pork chops and Mom showed off her new plants in the garden: Related posts: Sunday Night Supper: Scallops and Mushrooms Sunday Supper at the Sister Outpost Sunday Night Supper: Scallops Saturday […]