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Sam in the Garden

Got her to sit still for a few minutes. Someone else took a few with Doris, too, so I’ll add those once I get them. Related posts: Garden Update and Sam on the Bambi Blanket Samantha in the Church Garden […]


Mankato Children’s Museum

Day 3 of our trip to Minnesota, in which we visit the Mankato Children’s Museum and I take an obscene amount of photos of my child. Forgive me. On the playhouse stage: At the parachute station: Magna Tiles: In the […]

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Mankato Farmers Market

A trip to the Mankato Farmers Market, wherein Annie buys a few handmade washcloths as a gift to Samantha and Hunna takes home a variety pack of salted nut rolls. Handsome Adirondack furniture: A couple of goofballs: Salted Nut Rolls: Farmers: […]


Supper at Annie & Bob’s

The evening of day 2 of our Minnesota trip, in which Bob smokes chickens and we dine outside on the patio! Plus, a tour of Bob and Annie’s beautiful garden and a look at the old sign for Skank’s, the […]

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Tooling Around in Mankato

The afternoon of day 2 of our Minnesota trip, in which we go out to lunch, visit the Mankato Brewery and hit up an antique shop. I forgot to take photos of our food at Ummies, but here is the […]


Happy Hour at Pub 500

After our walk through Sibley Park, we stopped for a beer at Pub 500, which SCF fans may remember from such posts as “Historic Mankato Pub Crawl: Pub 500.” We had some craft beer and a helping of very delicious […]

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At Sibley Park with the Family

A nice little walk in the park before supper. Goats, llamas, koi. What else could you need, really? The park, named after Minnesota’s first Governor, Henry Hastings Sibley, is a quite nice one, really. There’s a playground and a paved […]