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Pizza Supper!

Despite a chilly, blustery evening, Bob fired up the pizza oven so the boys could do some pies for the fam. Pizza one is sort of like the first crepe or pancake you make. It’s never going to be just […]


Family Supper

Smoked meats, broccoli salad, family. A good gathering around Bob and Annie’s table. Sam and Reece painting. Greg and Mark:  Smoked meatloaf (AKA Bob’s Midwest Sushi!):  Smoked Flank Steak: Broccoli and Grape salad: Grilled asparagus, too: Jessica and Mark: Jessica, […]

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Makato Children’s Museum

Friday was miserable. Cold. Rainy. Windy. Bitter. Just rotten. So after a long lazy morning in the house, we headed out to do a few errands, and to entertain Samantha a little. The best stop, the Mankato Children’s Museum. We […]


Bob’s Midwest Sushi

Bob broke out the big guns for Friday night supper. He prepared a bacon-wrapped meatloaf stuffed with mozzarella. And then he smoked it. The method of preparation was so similar to rolling sushi that we started laughing, and calling the […]

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Heading to Minnesota

We’re heading out on what has become an annual trip to Minnesota. We’re looking forward to visiting with family and friends, and celebrating Doris’ 90th — yes 90th! — birthday. Our travels. How could I not shoot a photo of […]


A Cool Old Photo of Greg and His Cabin

A friend of Greg’s sent him this photo. Greg is about 17, and he’s working outside the cabin he and his friends built on his farm. Good times. Related posts: Greg’s Special Sam Song Cool Photo of the El on […]


Sam in the Garden

Got her to sit still for a few minutes. Someone else took a few with Doris, too, so I’ll add those once I get them. Related posts: Garden Update and Sam on the Bambi Blanket Samantha in the Church Garden […]


Mankato Children’s Museum

Day 3 of our trip to Minnesota, in which we visit the Mankato Children’s Museum and I take an obscene amount of photos of my child. Forgive me. On the playhouse stage: At the parachute station: Magna Tiles: In the […]

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Mankato Farmers Market

A trip to the Mankato Farmers Market, wherein Annie buys a few handmade washcloths as a gift to Samantha and Hunna takes home a variety pack of salted nut rolls. Handsome Adirondack furniture: A couple of goofballs: Salted Nut Rolls: Farmers: […]


Supper at Annie & Bob’s

The evening of day 2 of our Minnesota trip, in which Bob smokes chickens and we dine outside on the patio! Plus, a tour of Bob and Annie’s beautiful garden and a look at the old sign for Skank’s, the […]

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Tooling Around in Mankato

The afternoon of day 2 of our Minnesota trip, in which we go out to lunch, visit the Mankato Brewery and hit up an antique shop. I forgot to take photos of our food at Ummies, but here is the […]

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Sibley Park, Mankato

The morning of day 2 of our Minnesota trip, in which Annie and I walk around the cemetery and the family heads to Sibley Park to look at the animals and play in the playground. On the cemetery walk, Annie […]


Happy Hour at Pub 500

After our walk through Sibley Park, we stopped for a beer at Pub 500, which SCF fans may remember from such posts as “Historic Mankato Pub Crawl: Pub 500.” We had some craft beer and a helping of very delicious […]


Doris Reading Sam a Bedtime Story

Two little videos, wherein Doris tries to read “Make Way for Ducklings” but Sam is a big squirmer: Related posts: Salads with Doris Doris, Sam; Sam, Meet Gramma Sam is “Reading” Reading ‘A Christmas Memory’

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At Sibley Park with the Family

A nice little walk in the park before supper. Goats, llamas, koi. What else could you need, really? The park, named after Minnesota’s first Governor, Henry Hastings Sibley, is a quite nice one, really. There’s a playground and a paved […]

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A Drive through the Prairie

After lunch, we took the car out to the prairie for some sightseeing and nostalgic visits to places like “the home place,” where Greg’s dad grew up. When the wind whistles the tall grass and it sways back and forth […]