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Seafood Supper

A fun Saturday night at home, sharing supper with Irene. Oysters from Wegmans! Our favorite, Pemaquids, from Maine. We made the last of our volunteer albino acorn squash: And Irene brought scallops from the 1. Scallops over arugula with bacon-squash […]


Saturday Night Supper at the Farm

An all-local dinner this evening, well, unless you count the Loire Valley sparkler I picked up at Joe’s wine shop. Beautiful Montauk oysters (yes, again): And a cedar-plank salmon caught somewhere between here and Newfoundland, I’m told. Plus, lentils and […]


Oysters for Valentine’s Day

The oysters we get at the Palisades Farmers Market — they come from the cold waters off Montuak — are just so delicious and affordable that we can’t help but pick some up a little more often than maybe we […]


Oysters at Oceana

We only had time for a small snack before we were to meet someone for a show at the Iridium. I thought a few oysters at the bar at Oceana would do the trick. In-and-out and nobody gets hurt. We […]

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Clam Bar at Napeague

Lobster rolls and oysters at the Clam Bar. Yes, summer is here. Related posts: Lunch at Clam Bar at Napeague Clam Bar at Napeague Louie & Johnnie’s Cheesesteaks and Clam Bar (Fellini) Fish Farm at Napeague


Supper at the Standard Grill

So we tried to go to the top of the Standard for drinks. Yeah, that doesn’t work with a stroller. At the Standard Grill, though, you can sneak in to a table near the bar. But not at the bar. […]


Dinner at Grand Central Oyster Bar

The last of the forbidden pregnancy foods has now been checked off the list. At Grand Central Oyster Bar: Belons, Christmas Coves, Chincoteauges and North Havens. A platter of cold, briny oysters that tasted of the sea and brought a […]

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Lunch at Eastern Standard

Oysters and pasta for us. Grilled cheese sandwich and fries for Reece. Related posts: Breakfast in Boston: Eastern Standard Lunch at the Union Oyster House in Boston Lunch at Coppa in the South End Lunch at The Boathouse in Rockland, […]


Lunch at the Union Oyster House in Boston

After our ice skating escapade, we headed downtown for lunch at an old standby, the Union Oyster House. Related posts: Steamers, Oysters, Lobster Rolls and Chowdah at J’s Oyster in Portland Lunch at The Boathouse in Rockland, Maine Easter Brunch […]

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Lunch at The Boathouse in Rockland, Maine

Our motto in Maine is “Oysters Everyday.” Today’s fix comes from a cute little restaurant on the Rockland harbor called The Boathouse. Related posts: Primo in Rockland, Maine Jess’s Market in Rockland, Maine Shopping Beth’s Farm Market in Warren, Maine […]