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Supper at Sakagura

For our final dinner during our city weekend, we decided to stay close to home. (Hmm. Could it have been the late-night drinks at Mayahuel that had something to do with this?) We went to a hidden gem of a […]


Recette in the West Village

Recette is a charming little corner bistro in the West Village where the artful presentation of the food belies the simple, comfortable space. The chef, Jesse Schenker, is talented indeed. Here, the Berkshire Pork Belly, Rock Shrimp, Turnips, Romesco, Sherry […]


Lunch at Anthos

Mom and I had a girls’ day in the city: lunch and a show. For lunch, we went to Anthos, the fancy Greek restaurant in midtown. They have a crazy-good deal for lunch: $28 for a three-course prix fixe. Plus, […]


Back at Barcel

It’s just so easy for us to go to Barcel. It’s four blocks away, we love the food, and it’s not that expensive. I guess that’s why we go so often. This time, we went for brunch! Even the toast […]