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Sarah’s First Communion

Sarah O’Donnell made her first communion Saturday and we all celebrated with a backyard barbecue at Kelli’s. Speidies, brought from Vestal! Yes, please. Sarah with her cake! Related posts: Rory’s First Communion Velo and OVI with S&W and K&P Our […]


An Easter Egg Hunt Video

We had a little video contest at work, and this was my entry. I hope you like it! Related posts: Easter 2013: Ham, Potatoes and Pineapple Bake! And Family, of Course On the Hunt for Blueberries Easter Supper at Annie […]


BDoF: Irene’s Party!

So for the final portion of our BDoF, we went to Irene’s “It Ain’t 50!” birthday party. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of the host — who looked ravishing, by the way! — but I did get a couple […]


Nightcaps at Mayahuel

We decided on a post-Momofuku drink, and headed over to PDT to see if we could get in there. Alas, the Halloween crazy seemed to be taking over the East Village early, and there was no way. We headed over […]


Supper at Ssam Bar

On Friday after Eataly, we first headed to the Whitney to see the Lee Friedlander “America by Car” exhibit and also the new Hopper exhibit. No photos from there. Then we went to see Rory and Chris at their new […]