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Magic Show at the Library

As part of the summer reading program at the library, kids got to choose two events to attend. We picked a magic show as one of them. And guess who got to be an assistant? Abracadabra! Related posts: Sam’s First […]


Friday with Sam

A typical morning with Sam… having breakfast: fruit first, then oatmeal, then yogurt! Then upstairs for brush teeth, get dressed and comb hair. Sometimes, when she’s ready before I am, she plays with the phone — and this morning, the […]


The Headband Game!

My family is a bunch of dorks. And it makes me so proud. A rainy morning at the cabin and Sarah breaks out “Headbands.” You put this on your head. Everyone else knows what you are. You do not. So […]


Twin Jammer!

Today on the boat: Twin Jammer, with Sam going solo! First, a little dock and swim action. Then, her solo voyage. Well, not solo, but without an adult. She was so proud of her bravery! Related posts: Sam’s First Swim […]


Sunset Cruise

For today’s sunset cruise, we went upriver and explored a couple of coves just north of our property. Mae got the chance to drive! Blurry, but we took this photo because the house is for sale.  Before Instagram filter: After: […]


T-Ball for Sam!

Well, what do you know. Sam is playing T-Ball! We decided to sign her up mainly because we are decidely not sporty, and we thought it would give her a chance to see if she is. The jury is still […]


A Tree Climb!

Could be the first, unless I missed something. Honored to say it was our sour cherry. Related posts: Tabletop Christmas Tree 2012 The Tree Is Up at The Farm Sour Cherry Preserves Recipe Pickled Sour Cherries: Recipe


Playing Checkers

One of Sam’s (many) Christmas presents was a chess-checkers game. Greg has been enjoying teaching her some strategy: Related posts: Sam’s First Swim Merry Christmas! Playing in the Sandbox Playing with Blocks on the Porch


Hi, Cozy Girl

This one on the couch, and a bolognese on the stove? That’s a good winter afternoon. Related posts: Photos from an Afternoon at the Pool Sam Sits Up Sunday Afternoon in the Garden Playing in the Sandbox


Quiet Family Dinner

First, a bit of Legos with Dad, then a mussels-chorizo dinner on our own. A nice evening to wind down the holidays. Related posts: A Quiet Weekend at the Farm Family Dinner: We Are Doing This Thing At Sibley Park […]


Lego Fun

Sam likes to build, as she says, “a tall, tall tower” with her Legos. Related posts: Playing with Blocks on the Porch ‘MohDanDat’ Eating Her Peas Sam at Didier Dumas Patisserie


Watching Day at Ballet

An embarrassment of photos of Sam doing her ballet class and their version of “The Nutcracker.” I would guess this post is for family only. Snow Queen: Related posts: Sam Graduates from Ballet Sam at Ballet At OVI, Watching the […]


A Lincoln Logs Masterpiece

It’s the little things. Like building a Lincoln Logs log cabin worth of a “Little House on the Prairie” book. Complete with the very un-PC soldier set we inherited from the neighbors up the street. Fun playtime with Sam. Related […]


Happy Birthday Sam!

Sam! You’re four! Grammy and LeighLo came over to celebrate. We toasted you with Manhattans. We ate pork and polenta. We opened presents. And you ate dinner at the table with us, sat in a big-girl chair and used big […]


Sam’s Birthday Party

Oh frabjous day, calloo callay! Sam is four! The night before her party, we blew up helium balloons! Festive! And this year, it’s warm enough to have her birthday party outside. We borrowed the bouncy castle from Susan. We made […]


Sam’s First Haircut

Sam got her first haircut! Just a tiny trim; not a real full-blown cut and shaping. But our little girl has past another milestone! She was a little nervous at first … … but she relaxed after the washing was […]

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Dinner and a Movie with Lexi

Vegetarian supper on the patio, then a movie on the big screen with my niece, Lexi, visiting from North Carolina. On the plate, Alice Waters’ Ratatouille. On the silver screen, Far from the Madding Crowd. Not bad. Not really a summer, outdoor […]