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A Hamilton Show

It’s started, guys. She’s performing for us. As we sip our Bronx Cocktails (thanks Cherril!), she’s not throwing away her shot! Them’s some moves! Related posts: Hamilton! Hamilton for the Second Time Car Show in Nyack The Nyack Car Show


Bill’s Burgers in Manhattan

Just around the corner from Rockefeller Center is a pretty decent burger place: Bill’s. I remember when it first opened the blogs were all a’Twitter about it, but the cool factor seems to have, well, chilled out, and now it’s […]


Samantha’s Birthday Party

Wow! You’re three! We invited the neighborhood kids and a few friends from day care to celebrate. It was a mess. It was loud. It was lots of fun. Painting! Ashley helps Maloaa. Isa, Ella, Julia, Claire and James: Amol, […]


Happy Birthday Samantha! Cupcakes at Daycare

A little morning birthday party at Susan’s to celebrate our little girl’s third (can you believe third?!) birthday. Hats for everyone! Related posts: Happy First Birthday, Samantha! Samantha’s Birthday (The Real One!) Happy Birthday, Leigh! Happy Birthday Claire!


Sunday Night at Murasaki with Samantha

Sam’s first time with sushi! We tried a Bento box with dumplings and a California roll. And a pork ramen for me:   Related posts: Sunday Night Supper at Wasabi Sunday Night Supper: Pork Chops and Heirloom Tomatoes Saturday Night […]


Merry Christmas!

On Christmas morning, I didn’t take many photos. Too sick! Sondra and Leigh came over, and Sam opened a few presents. This year, she received: a singing microphone from the O’Donnells; some card sets from us, including “crazy faces” and […]


Wake and Bake Parker House Rolls

Little Sam, helping out on Thanskgiving morning. Recipe for Parker House Rolls coming!   Related posts: Labor Day Sunday Supper: Lobster Rolls Lobster Rolls for Supper Cooking for One: Lobster Rolls Easter 2013: Ham, Potatoes and Pineapple Bake! And Family, […]


Samantha’s Birthday (The Real One!)

For Sam’s second birthday, I took carrot cupcakes with maple-cream cheese frosting over to Susan’s and had a little party with her day care friends. Rachel helped them with Pin the Tail on the Donkey and afterwards, we all headed […]


Eating Cherry Tomatoes Like Candy

Samantha was so taken with the cherry tomatoes at one stand at the Pleasantville Farmers Market that she, well, took them. So we bought them, natch, and let her snack on them.   Cutie. Related posts: Samantha at the Pleasantville […]


Goofing Around on the Porch

Having fun with strollers, backpacks, baby and bags. Some SCF fans may remember this photo from Facebook last week. “Samantha is heading off to Port Authority. No, she’s not a bag lady.” Related posts: A Party for Scott and Samantha […]


Petting Zoo at Miss Susan’s

Susan, Samantha’s wonderful caregiver at White House Day Care, arranged for a petting zoo to come to the house for an afternoon. The kids went nuts! We had a good time, too, watching them! A few pics: Related posts: Miss […]


Pizza with Cousins!

An early supper at the ranch: takeout from Cassie’s and the last of this lettuce crop from Sour Cherry Farm. (More is on the way!) The cousins all sat together. Cuties. Laurie!   No photos of Sondra, Leigh or Greg […]


Lunch at HMart in White Plains

On the hunt for Kewpie Mayonnaise and a few other Asian sundries, we headed to Hmart in White Plains for this week’s groceries. Afterwards, we had to have lunch, of course! Sam had dumplings. But she sure enjoyed my Singapore […]

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Samantha Picks Blueberries

A sweet little video where Sam and Hunna pick blueberries. Listen closely and you can hear what we’re joking is her British accent on the word “blueberries.” Related posts: On the Hunt for Blueberries SCF Harvests Blueberries Update on the […]


Brrr! Turning Blue at the Pool

Images of summer! Shivering shoulders, chattering teeth and blue lips. Check! Related posts: Sam Gets a Kiddie Pool Drinks at Blue Hill at Stone Barns A Tale of Two Breakfasts at Blue Moon Diner in Charlottesville Historic Mankato Pub Crawl: […]


Cute Sam

Just hanging on the porch, pal-ing around. Related posts: Cute Shirt Cute Clothes at Buttercup & Friends The High Chair Moves Outside The Porch Season Has Begun!


Random Pics from April 25

Samantha “helps” Daddy water the garden, and mom takes in a Broadway show, Orphans, with her Godfather David Rubin, visiting from Virginia. Our life, in pictures. Related posts: Samantha in the Church Garden Concert in the Park The Gates are […]


Looking Fancy in Her Hat

All dressed up for church. Adorable!   Related posts: Fancy Lunch at Nougatine at Jean-Georges Samantha in the Church Garden Music Together Samantha’s Baptism


Bye, Sam!

Mommy heads to work and has an especially hard time saying goodbye. Oh, the heartbreak. The pangs kill sometimes, don’t they?   Related posts: How to Get Things Done in the Garden with a Six-Month Old Afoot


Sam’s First Trip to the Library

I know what you’re thining. What? Sam hasn’t been to the library yet? I know! Crazy! She loves books! The children’s room at the Nyack Library has low shelves with lots of colorful books and puzzles and a few toys. […]


Samantha at the Circus!

When some tickets for the circus became available at work, I thought to myself, nah. She won’t get it. She’s too young. But Greg said, No! She’ll love it! Maybe she won’t get it as a “cirucs,” but she’ll love […]

Red roses

Valentine’s Day with Two Sweeties

What a blessing to have two sweethearts on Valentine’s Day! Miss Susan helped Samantha make us a Valentine, and Greg brought home two single roses, one for each of his sweeties and a nod to our first Valentine’s Day, when […]


February Nor’Easter

We got nearly a foot this time, and Sam really got out to explore this time, touching, tasting and playing. A joy! Related posts: No related posts.

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Breakfast at the Art Cafe

Boo, Kelli and I took the kids for pancakes. And cappuccinos. For us, that is. Delishy, all. Related posts: Nyack Garden Club Plant Sale and a Breakfast at the Art Cafe Breakfast at Art Cafe Breakfast at the Art Cafe […]


Sam in Snow

In the second snowstorm of the year, Samantha got out and walked around while Daddy shoveled. Such a toddler! She did great! Until this happened. Poor baby! Related posts: Snow at the Farm: So We Have Hot Chocolate Samantha’s First […]


Samantha at the Pleasantville Farmers Market

We ran into my friend Tania at the opening of the Pleasantville Farmers Market; she was covering it for the paper. She made this gorgeous photo of our girl. Thanks Tania! Related posts: Shopping at the Pleasantville Farmers Market Pleasantville […]