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Summer Supper at the Farm

A wonderful summer day with the cousins. Pool! Bubbles! Teepee! And a good meal around the table. The girls playing at Oratamin:    And, back at the house, Bambi, bubble machine and teepee: Figs and feta: Famous SCF chicken, cowboy […]


Dinner and a Movie

A cousins day! First, a showing of the BFG, then supper at the Farm. Wow. When did tickets creep up to $16! It’s been a while, I guess. Mae playing pokemon: Grammy and the girls! Sarah, Jane, Lala! Home, trying […]


Supper at The Ranch

Tacos! An easy dinner at the ranch before Lala and Sarah head off to Broadway for a couple of days to see Hamilton!    Good times. Related posts: Supper at the Ranch Sloppy Joe Supper at the Ranch Saturday Supper […]


The Headband Game!

My family is a bunch of dorks. And it makes me so proud. A rainy morning at the cabin and Sarah breaks out “Headbands.” You put this on your head. Everyone else knows what you are. You do not. So […]


Supper at the Ranch

The visit from the sister outpost is, sadly, coming to an end. The last hurrah was a delicious supper of grilled chicken and corn at the Ranch. We drank some rose, the girls put on a show for us — […]


Dinner at Adalaya

Right down the stairs from Dear Irving is a little Mediterranean restaurant, where we shared small plates, rose and lots of laughs. Funny sign by the bar: It was a beautiful night, so we took a table on the street: […]


SCF Goes to the Whitney: Big Day of Fun

For our annual BDoF with the sister outpost, Greg, Sarah and I headed to the Whitney, then out for drinks and dinner with Boo and Christy. What a cool new building… just look at those terraces! The inaugural exhibit: Les […]


Cousins are Here! Supper at the Farm

Sarah has arrived for her annual visit! For our first family dinner, we gathered at the farm to have steak, watermelon salad, corn and Doris’ Cucumber Salad. Fun in the yard! Fun on the patio! Yummy supper: The girls have […]


Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas

A sense of calm fell over me as I descended into the garden at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas. Sculpture isn’t usually my thing — not sure why, I guess I just haven’t studied it enough to appreciate it. But gardens […]


Brunch at The Cookery

Kelli and her crew were up visiting, and we caught up over a great brunch at The Cookery in Dobbs Ferry. The food there is so god damn good; I just wish I could get there more often. Sam and […]


A Farwell Dinner with the O’D’s

I believe we’ve already mentioned the farm’s good friends Kelli and Patrick are moving to Virginia. We couldn’t be more sad. But we’ll hold on to these memories of a final summer supper and a showing of ‘Goonies.’ Here’s a […]


Dinner at 14 and Hudson in Piermont

Piermont just may have become the restaurant capital of Rockland. Adding to the already excellent list of restaurants there — Xaviars, Freelance, o lar, Sidewalk Bistro and Portofino, just to name a few — is the new 14 and Hudson. […]


SCF Paradisio: Grease!

For the evening’s outdoor movie, we tried a musical! Leah, Irene, Kris, Tom, Shannon and Tasha joined us, and we sang along, rather loudly, I must admit. By the time Sarah and Laurie joined us toward the end of the […]


Brunch at The East Pole

The East Pole is a new(ish) restaurant on the Upper East Side from the guys behind The Fat Radish and The LeadBelly. We chose brunch at The East Pole becuase it was only a few blocks from the Whitney, with […]

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Friday Night Chicken Supper

With Sarah in town, we invited the Ranchers over for a simple Friday night supper. A tarragon-mustard chicken with farro and greens. Good times! Related posts: Saturday Night Supper: Roast Chicken (With Recipe!) Sunday Night Supper: Beet Salad and Roast […]

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Rockland Lake Walk

Kelli, her kids and I took a walk around Rockland Lake Sunday. It was finally warm enough, at least for a day or two. So good to get outside! Afterwards, we hug around with Sam in the living room for […]


Mary Christmas from the Sister Outpost

A little greeting from down South, where Jane and Mae are writing signs and acting silly. Merry (or is that Mary!) Christmas: Related posts: Sunday Supper at the Sister Outpost Merry Christmas from Sour Cherry Farm Christmas Eve Eve Dinner: […]


Birthday Supper at o lar

Celebrating Hunna’s birthday at one of our favorite places with two of our favorite people: Boo and Sarah. The pizza, as usual, was outstanding. A wonderful, light, airy crust. Proscuitto and arugual topping: Sarah and Boo! Goat cheese fritters: Fennel […]


Book Club: Tenth of December

Book club meets infrequently enough that Sarah has been able to particpate in the last two gatherings. For this October edition, she was the proctor for Tenth of December by George Saunders, which, on Jan. 3, 2013, was called, in […]

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The High Line and a Pizza Lunch

An adventure in the city, with a walk on the High Line and a pizza lunch at Artichoke Basille, which does New York-style pizza right. Here’s a look at the photos.      Here’s a stop to see “Untitled” by […]


More Concerts in the Park

Another Tuesday, another show! The whole family gathered at the park for a picnic of chicken, Alice’s and Doris’, and Kris and Irene came bearing gifts from Rubiner’s in Great Barrington: fabulous cheeses and charcuterie. Tom’s friends Sally and Dave […]