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SCF Paradisio: Grease!

For the evening’s outdoor movie, we tried a musical! Leah, Irene, Kris, Tom, Shannon and Tasha joined us, and we sang along, rather loudly, I must admit. By the time Sarah and Laurie joined us toward the end of the […]

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First Thanksgiving, First Dinner Party

After years (years!) of renovations on their home, Tasha and Shannon finished a new dining room, bathroom and living room at their home, which we affectionately refer to as Stump Lane. To celebrate, they threw their very first dinner party. And what […]


Go Fly a Kite!

Tasha and Shannon bought a kite to fly with Samantha! We had a blast down by the river trying to get it to take off. There wasn’t much wind, but we made it work! Here’s Sam in the butterfly garden, […]


Saturday Night at Wasabi

Well, she made it. I was surprised, but with only a little whimpering and a little rocking to sleep, Samantha made it through a supper of several courses of sushi. Yes, we sat down pretty early, but still! Tasha and […]


Sunday Evening Sips and Snacks

The spring weather has arrived — at least temporarily. And so there I was, pruning the blueberries in the front with Sam in her newest neglect-a-tron — — and Tasha pops her head out the door. Feel like a cocktail? […]


Sunday Night Supper at Wasabi

Finally! The neighbors and I hadn’t really seen each other since the holiday season, and we finally got a chance to catch up. We walked down to Wasabi and had a lovely supper of sushi and other delishy Japanese foods, […]


Drinks with the Neighbors

Shannon and Tasha came over for drinks to toast the season. Even Srimp had her milk cocktail. Clockwise from the eggnog (with bourbon), champagne and milk. Merry Christmas, girls! Related posts: A Wine Tasting with the Neighbors Saturday Night Supper: […]


Hurricane Irene!

“Some things about a big storm to make you happy.” At least as long as no one gets hurt. And that seemed to be the case on Saturday night of Irene. The hurricane. Not the person. The warnings had been […]


On the Road to Tennessee

After an incredible dinner at Town House and a night’s stay at the wonderful Riverstead, we, we stopped at Shannon’s childhood home to top it off with a lovely visit with her folks, Otis and Lisa. (SCF fans may remember […]


Back at the Art Cafe in Nyack

Are you sick of us going to Art Cafe yet? At least we tried some new dishes this time — and we had some new faces, too. Karen, Tasha and Shannon. No matter who is dining with us, though, we […]


New Year’s Eve at Wasabi in Nyack

There are many things to like about Wasabi — any time of the year. The food is always terrific, the wines are easy-drinking and the atmosphere is fun. What I like so much about going there on New Year’s Eve […]


Stump Lane Gets Vinegar!

After our supper of porchetta and potatoes, the neighbors came over and we had a nightcap and a gift exchange. They also got an unexpected gift from Sour Cherry Farm: a vinegar mother I’ve been growing in the basement from […]


Monday Night Cookout: Chicken

To end Memorial Day weekend, we threw a couple chickens on the Weber (no relation) kettle and smoked ’em with some hickory. Tasha and Shannon brought our favorite radish crostini, and we made it a night. Related posts: Fried Chicken […]


Memorial Day Saturday: Cocktails and Burgers

Nothing says Memorial Day like margaritas. Related posts: Saturday Night Supper: Pork Chops and Polenta Fried Chicken Saturday Night Supper For Mother’s Day, Grandmom’s Favorite Dishes Supper: Jalapeno Shrimp, Mango Salad and Cilantro Rice


Friday Night at Barcel

Home from work on Friday. Don’t much feel like cooking. Funny, neither do the neighbors. So the four of us head down to our new favey resto: Cafe Barcel. Didier was at the bar. Related posts: Friday Night at Barcel […]