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A Pinecone Project

Step 1: Gather pinecones while on a walk. Step 2: Tie ribbons around the top of them. Step 4: Ask your neighbor Tasha if she has any birdseed you can borrow. Step 5: Rub the pinecones in peanut butter, then […]


Go Fly a Kite!

Tasha and Shannon bought a kite to fly with Samantha! We had a blast down by the river trying to get it to take off. There wasn’t much wind, but we made it work! Here’s Sam in the butterfly garden, […]


Drinks with the Neighbors

Shannon and Tasha came over for drinks to toast the season. Even Srimp had her milk cocktail. Clockwise from the eggnog (with bourbon), champagne and milk. Merry Christmas, girls! Related posts: A Wine Tasting with the Neighbors Easy Supper with […]


Hurricane Irene!

“Some things about a big storm to make you happy.” At least as long as no one gets hurt. And that seemed to be the case on Saturday night of Irene. The hurricane. Not the person. The warnings had been […]


Stump Lane Gets Vinegar!

After our supper of porchetta and potatoes, the neighbors came over and we had a nightcap and a gift exchange. They also got an unexpected gift from Sour Cherry Farm: a vinegar mother I’ve been growing in the basement from […]