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Alice Waters’ Ratatouille

Last year I told you that this ratatouille is so good it’s scary. This year I will tell you that it’s still that good. Not slimy. Not mushy. It tastes of summer vegetables: each individual one and all of them […]

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Tomato Salad with Roasted Lemon

Sometimes I wonder whether this blog should be called “homage to Bon Appetit.” Another winner here, from chef Yotam Ottolenghi: Tomato, Onion and Roasted Lemon Salad. PrintTomato Salad with Roasted Lemon Ingredients1 lemon, halved lengthwise, thinly sliced, seeds removed 1 tablespoon […]


Morning in the Garden

About to pull out of the driveway on the way to work one morning, and I was struck at how beautiful the Black Eyed Susans were. Finally, this little corner of the farm, neglected so long, is getting its due. […]


Killer Pizza, All From the Garden

My hunna makes a killer pizza. Tonight is no exception. Basil and tomatoes from the garden, fresh mozzarella, too. Fabulous. Related posts: The Season’s First Caprese Salad! Iron Pizza Chef: Pizza Night in America Update on the Garden: Zinnias, Hyacinth […]


Peggy’s Roasted Tomato Spread

A simple hors d’oevure, fabulous spread over goat cheese on baguettes. And delicious the next day in omelettes. An easy, set-it-and-forget-it recipe from the farm’s friend Peggy, who recommends leaving the skins on and seeds in for a nice country-style […]


How to Peel Tomatoes

It’s the time of year for putting up tomatoes. Or just cooking with them instead of simply slicing and serving. And sometimes, for that, peeled is better. In this post, I’ll show you how to peel tomatoes. I’m not saying […]


Peaches and Pickled Onion Salad

Another hit from Bon App this summer: a grain salad with peaches, arugula, tomatoes and quick pickled onions. And, get this: the pickling liquid becomes part of the salad dressing! Bon App recommended quinoa for the dish, but Greg and […]

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A Study in Tomatoes

A few shots of the gorgeous heirlooms coming from the market and our garden this time of year: Related posts: Summer Supper: Burgers and Tomatoes Putting Up Tomatoes Eating Cherry Tomatoes Like Candy The First Local Strawberries


The Season’s First Caprese Salad!

Little baby tomatoes, fresh basil from the fields and fresh mozzarella from Dante’s. Let the summer menus begin! Related posts: Recipe: Watermelon-Peach-Tomato Salad with Chili and Lime Another Great Sammy: Tomato, Basil, Prosciutto and Mozzarella on Toast Greg’s Composed Salad […]


Summer Supper: Burgers and Tomatoes

We can’t get enough caprese salads this time of year. Burgers are just the excuse to have a salad. Related posts: Sunday Supper with Grandmom and the Ranchers: Burgers, Wedge and Corn Salad Summer Supper and the Perseid Meteor Shower […]


Sunday Night Supper

Steak, tomatoes and corn. One of the great summer meals, don’t you think? And we started with lemon-thyme gimlets in the orchards by the pear tree.   Related posts: Sunday Night Supper: Mini-Thanksgiving Sunday Night Pasta Supper Sunday Night Supper: […]

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Family Supper at the Farm

The whole family — Grammy & Leighlo, Wilson, Sarah, all the cousins and us — enjoyed a summer meal at the farm. Les Dorkages: Related posts: Summer Supper in the Orchard at the Farm The Last Cabin Supper A Hot […]


Nyack Garden Club Plant Sale

I guess people rushed the doors when the Nyack Garden Club’s plant sale opened at 10 a.m. We got there a little later, but we still found some good stuff, including Nigella (Love in a Mist), Nepeta (catmint), tomatoes, basil […]


Lobster Rolls from Red Hook Lobster Pound

We got home, cracked a nice bottle of Wollfer rose and made ourselves some lobster rolls. The great trick we picked up from Red Hook Lobster Pound? Don’t just spread butter on your toasted bun. ACTUALLY toast your bun in […]

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The Last Cabin Supper

Watermelon-peach-tomato salad. Steak. Corn. And more tomatoes. Can’t beat that with a stick. And, just because it’s so pretty, a little slicing tomato action here above the jump: Related posts: Back at the Cabin for Supper on the Porch Welcome […]


Putting Up Tomatoes

We bought a box of “utility” tomatoes from Dr. Davies Farm. These are the tomatoes that are really only good for sauce — they’re almost ready for the compost pile, unless you cook them immediately. So we did that. Related […]


Scallops for Supper

While Cathy and Thor met friends in the city, we stayed in and sauteed some scallops and boiled up some sweet corn. What a sweet supper. Related posts: Sunday Night Supper: Scallops and Mushrooms Sunday Night Supper: Scallops Supper in […]