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Mary Christmas from the Sister Outpost

A little greeting from down South, where Jane and Mae are writing signs and acting silly. Merry (or is that Mary!) Christmas: Related posts: Sunday Supper at the Sister Outpost Merry Christmas from Sour Cherry Farm Christmas Eve Eve Dinner: […]



Wilson has a funny story he likes to tell about the time he was driving across the George Washington Bridge and handed some cash to the toll-taker. The guy looked at Wilson and said: “Iss Moh Dan Dat.” And that’s […]

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Family Supper at the Farm

The whole family — Grammy & Leighlo, Wilson, Sarah, all the cousins and us — enjoyed a summer meal at the farm. Les Dorkages: Related posts: Summer Supper in the Orchard at the Farm The Last Cabin Supper A Hot […]


Velo and OVI with S&W and K&P

Sarah and Wilson and Kelli and Patrick and I went out for dinner on Saturday night. That was a bad idea. We couldn’t get a reservation anywhere. We ended up at Velo for drinks and then headed to OVI for […]


Aviations at the Farm

On Wednesday, everyone went their separate ways. Sarah went out with her friends to Cafe Barcel, and we went to Irene’s for a ritual reading of “A Christmas Memory” with Kris and Tom. But first, Sarah had her friends over […]

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The Last Cabin Supper

Watermelon-peach-tomato salad. Steak. Corn. And more tomatoes. Can’t beat that with a stick. And, just because it’s so pretty, a little slicing tomato action here above the jump: Related posts: Back at the Cabin for Supper on the Porch Welcome […]


A Few More Lake Photos

We’ll get back to food in just a moment folks. Indulge me in one more round of fun photos from the lake. (Don’t forget, the motto of SCF is “Eat. Drink. Live.” We’re doing some living!) Swimming with Wilson, Sarah, […]

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We’re On a Boat

There’s nothing quite like the stillness of the lake just before sunset. So on both Wednesday and Thursday, we ate super-early and were able to take a dip in the water and a nice spin around the lake before dark. […]


Late Night at the Cabin

Folks, I promise to get back to cooking and recipes in a few posts. For now, indulge me in a few photos for posterity’s sake. Here’s the family having a few drinks after the evening’s round of game playing. Here’s […]


Back at the Cabin for Supper on the Porch

Another supper, another porch. (Is that a Kiss Me Kate song?) Look at that beautiful blue sky behind Lexi, Wilson and Sarah. Related posts: Games on the Screened-In Porch Welcome to The Cabin! Fourth of July Supper: Smoked Ribs and […]


Games on the Screened-In Porch

After supper each evening, we took to the game table. Mostly we played Taboo, which is a whole lot of fun with a whole lot of people. Truly! Related posts: Fourth of July Supper: Smoked Ribs and Chicken Welcome to […]

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Welcome to The Cabin!

Our first night of fun at the cabin. What a joy to have all the family in one place for vacation…. we can’t remember the last time that’s happened. Related posts: Sunday Supper with Grandmom and the Ranchers: Burgers, Wedge […]


Lunch at Poppy’s in Beacon

After a trip to the Russel Wright Design Center, Sarah and Wilson and Greg and I went to Beacon for burgers. Poppy’s is a place that uses all-natural, local beef and ingredients and hand-cuts its fries. It’s really good stuff, […]


Dinner at La Condesa in Austin

On Saturday night, the adults got some of their own fun time. First, we headed to supper at La Condesa, a new-ish modern Mexican restaurant downtown. Wow. Was that food amazing. Related posts: Step 1: Arrive in Austin. Step 2: […]