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A Visit to the Hudson River Museum

We’d never been to the Hudson River Museum! And with a weather forecast of nasty, nasty, nasty and Greg needing some time to finish some work at home, it was the perfect opportunity. Sam and I sat for a show […]


Supper at X20 in Yonkers

Kelli and I had dinner at the Dylan Lounge at X20 in Yonkers on Friday, and I’m happy to report that the food is as good as ever there. Jack Rose highball: A gin highball with Creme Yvette, sort of […]


Whole Foods Has Rambutans!

Ram-bu-what? Yes, rambutans. A fruit sort of similar to lychee nuts with a pliable outer skin that has really ugly looking hairy but soft spikes. (Rambutan means “hairy” in Malay!) I discovered it on my travels in Asia. I loved […]