Step 1: Arrive in Austin. Step 2: Eat Barbecue.

Step 1: Arrive in Austin. Step 2: Eat Barbecue.

SCF fans, we’ve been on the road. We caught a 7 a.m. flight out of Newark. Read and slept on the plane. Sarah picked us up at the airport. After we got to meet the lovely and talented Jane Addison Waggoner, we got straight to it: we got in line for some of the best barbecue around.

That’s what I said: Got in line.

We queued up for what would end up to be a 45-minute wait for ‘cue. But it’s amazing ‘cue, with a unique sauce that’s espresso-flavored, thick, and not too sweet. In fact, it’s a revelation.

But first things first, folks:

Yeah. That’s a long line.

The restaurant, if you can call it that, is in two little trailers on the frontage road of I-35 not two blocks from Sarah and Wilson’s house.

Apparently, one of the principals used to work for Louie Meuller barbecue, one of the kings. He opened this place, which shares the lot of an abandoned gas station with a coffee roaster. (Hence, the espresso barbecue.)

It’s really popular. And it got even more popular after SXSW, when all the media types visited and of course broadcasted its greatness on all their various and sundry platforms.

So we knew we were in for a wait, and started busying ourselves. Counting the people in line.

Figuring out how long it was taking for each one to be served. Doing the math and fearing the worst. I decided we’d better have our order all set. The best way to do that was to go take some photos of the menu:

Finally, we were almost there.

Look what’s inside:

Naturally, we got a little bit of everything. Sarah got the Tispy Texan:

Not that she was one. (Note baby Jane on the right!)

We got strategic combinations of other barbecue platters:

And a boatload of brisket:

Generously doused with that amazing sauce:

Completely killer. Also we got a bunch o’slaw. And white bread. Natch.

Only one thing could have made our first moments in Austin better. A bluebonnet.

And on the way back, we got that, too:

The 411 on Franklin Barbecue.

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