Tacos, Tortillas and Tecate: Lunch at Guero’s

After I remembered, sadly, that the old Las Manitas had been torn down to make room for more condos in downtown Austin — there are two photos of the exterior in this post here — Greg and I were at a loss for where to eat, until Sarah suggested Guero’s on South Congress. How could we forget? Here, the taco al pastor and the taco carne guisada:

The place is a cantina of sorts, with a big bar up front and a huge dining room in back, the centerpiece of which is a tortilla griddle.

We’ll get to that in a moment. First, a beer. Tecate, please:

The room. Airy and comfortable:

Lotsa stuff on the walls:

Here’s the back dining room.

You help yourself to the salsa bar:

Making tortillas:

Back at the front bar, Greg got a single fish taco:

I was the one who couldn’t resist two:

Mmm mmm Mexican food.

After lunch, a little light shopping on South Congress:

And the pretty drive back to Jessica and Kelly’s house:

The 411 on Guero’s.

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  1. Like your new site Liz.Now get Greg back to work!