Supper at Striped Bass in Tarrytown

When I was reporting for the recent story on waterfront dining in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam, I had the chance to try the new menu at Striped Bass in Tarrytown. The food certainly fits the bill for a waterfront spot: lobsters, chowders, fried fish. And that view! It’s so much fun watching the boats sail in!

We sat and enjoyed drinks at the water’s edge before dinner. The uncovered patio only has counter service from a cabana kitchen, and it’s help-yourself-to-the-bar.

The playas. Rory:


After the sunset, we headed to the covered patio, which has an awning, and ordered some seafood.

We tried two of the soups.

Cape May Clam Chowder:

And Corn Chowder with Lump Crab:

We really enjoyed both.

Then we shared a bunch of appetizers. First, the shrimp appetizer, which you can choose to order with several flavors, Buffalo included. We got Thai:

We also tried the crab cakes:

And the calamari (excuse the blur):

And this here is the quesadilla:

The food is just what you’re looking for in a waterfront restaurant: if not fried, at least fun. And I saw a number of people enjoying lobster dinners — complete with bib.

Our waitress was really friendly:

And she offered to take our photo. We felt like we were on a family vacation or something:

And don’t forget — Striped Bass has undergone a renovation, too. Click here to see the photos of the renovations at Striped Bass.

The 411 on Striped Bass.

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