Supper at Day Boat Cafe in Irvington

After drinks at the Red Hat, we walked around the corner for supper at the Day Boat Cafe, a new seafood restaurant in Irvington. The ceiling is lined with red oars.

Our fish dinner, after the jump.

The cast. Sue and Graham:

Trae and Lizzy:

Marissa and Sue:

We started with some fried calamari:

And an order of popcorn shrimp:

Both were crispy and crunchy. Good stuff. A few shots of the interior:

Our different dishes are next. Marissa got scallops:

Sweet and nicely seared on the outside.

Sue had the lobster pot pie:

So rich and decadent. Gorgeous.

Graham ordered fish & chips. Not just because he’s from the UK.

I’m not sure that I tried that. But it looks good!

I don’t remember what Trae got, but I remember that I liked it:

And I got the seafood stew.

The broth was tasty. Some fish was a little overcooked.

For dessert we shared a delicious coconut cake:

What fun!

The 411 on Day Boat Cafe.

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