Jake’s Stadium Pizza: A Last Visit

Jake’s Stadium Pizza: A Last Visit

Jake’s Stadium Pizza — one of Greg’s favorites because of its thin, crackery crust and fun toppings, such as Canadian bacon — is moving to make way for a CVS. We were there on its last weekend in the old location.

We were planning on going to Jake’s for an early supper. But around 6 or so, the weather started getting really bad. It started to pour rain, and then next thing you know the tornado sirens were going off everywhere. We sat glued to the TV, wondering whether we should seek shelter in the basement.

Turns out, there were tornados everywhere, and we got three inches of rain in an hour. Here is a news story about the weather: Numerous tornadoes spotted in the area.

We finally felt it was safe to venture out around 8 p.m. Look at the sky!

Jake’s was open, but sort of flooded.

The inside was a little flooded, but they were still making the pizzas.

You place your order at the counter:

And then wait while they make your pizza.

I wasn’t with them as they ordered, so I’m not quite sure which is which, but I”m pretty sure one is Sarge’s Special, with Canadian bacon, onions, beef and mushrooms.

Everyone takes a piece:

Here’s Bob and Andy:

The Minnesota Vikings do training camp at Mankato State University nearby, so Jake’s has a ton of sports memorabilia. Greg wanted to make sure to document everything before the move, so he took these photos:

What a great meal. You just can’t go to Mankato and not have Jake’s Stadium Pizza.

On the way home, the sky was unbelievable:

And we also ran into these little critters:

Goats! Being funny as goats do.

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  1. The goats were awesome!