Mankato Historic Pub Crawl: Red Sky

For our fourth and final stop on the Mankato Historic Pub Crawl, we hit Red Sky Lounge. It is by far the hippest spot on the tour, but alas, we learned the least about its history. Instead, we heard more about what bars it had been over the years, and how the current owners came to take it over and what they’d done to renovate. Still, worth a look.

On the walk there, our trusty guide pointed out the tire shop I mentioned in the Pub 500 post that is still in business:

Here we are now at Red Sky:

Click here to see a PDF of the history of 520-522 Front Street, which is where Red Sky is now.

Set up for a band to play later:

A skylight:

Bricks on the wall in the back room:

Afterwards, we took the pub crawl one more stop to Savoy, a Mediterranean place down the street with a beautiful back garden:

I don’t remember what this was about:


And after that, we called it a night.

Fun pub crawl. Thanks Annie and Bob!