Wine Tasting at Indian Island Winery

For our Saturday evening activity, we headed out to Indian Island, a new winery that just completed construction on its tasting room and grounds. (Are you sensing a pattern here? Brewery, pizza, farmers market, winery? Well certainly Bob and Ann planned activities to suit their audience!) We had a bunch of fun:

Before we left, we saw Mark and Angie on their way out to a friend’s wedding in Mankato. Look at this fancy couple!

Then we headed out to the winery. Here’s the tasting room, hopping on a Saturday night:

I believe these were the wines that we decided to buy:

Unfortuanately, when we wanted to take them outside in a chiller to enjoy with dinner, the winery doesnt’ have any chillers. So to keep one cold while we drank the first, we put it in their little fridge.

Then we took our seats outside.

Gorgeous view:

The grounds are rather expansive:

For dinner, you order at the counter, then bring your food to your table. We got a soup:

Some sort of game burger. Bison, I think?

And some cheesey garlic bread:

We watched as the sun went down over the prairie:

And then we headed back home to enjoy nightcaps and blankets by Bob’s fire:

The 411 on Indian Island Winery.