Sunday Barbecue with Bob’s Smoked Chicken and Pork

Pretty much right after breakfast, Bob got started smoking some chickens and pork ribs for a lovely Father’s Day barbecue. Here’s the chef at work!

More photos of the food and the guests, after the jump.

Bob has his smoker in a little hut on the patio.

And see that tool shed in the background? Above it hangs the sign from Greg’s old bar, Skank’s Nightclub:

The garden is looking pretty:

Here’s Bob’s unit:

He’s checking the meat:

Some o dem dar ribs:

Andy arrives to help:

Here’s the chicken:

Meantime, folks are enjoying themselves on the back patio.

Cousin Pat and Doris:


Once Bob was all finished, Ann set up a buffet (with many salads) on the basement bar:

Pasta salad with bacon and broccoli and grapes:

Tomatoes with feta:

Pasta with olives and cucumbers:

Potato salad:



And some garlic bread, too:

The gang:

My very full plate!

The family: Bob’s brother, Brian; his wife; Andy:

Pat, Doris, Greg:

Bob and Ann:

Pat, Doris and Lenea:

Lenea brought along some bars from a graduation party she’d been to.

The ones with peanuts were called Salted Nut-Roll bars, and they were super-good. I had to get the recipe. (Posted here.)

Happy and well-fed folks:

We also had for dessert, a cheesecake made by Pat, who is a champion cheesecake maker:

All was fabulous and fun — and we were glad to catch up before heading home early Monday morning. What a fun trip to Minnesota. Thanks Ann and Bob. We miss you dearly.