Lunch at Anthos

Mom and I had a girls’ day in the city: lunch and a show. For lunch, we went to Anthos, the fancy Greek restaurant in midtown. They have a crazy-good deal for lunch: $28 for a three-course prix fixe. Plus, little did we know, it was also Reataurant Week, so there was another three-course prix fixe for even less. I can’t remember which ones we ordered, but I do know we were very, very happy with our lunches.

First course for mom, gnocchi:

Light and airy.

I had the salmon tartare:

Very nice.

The waiter upsold us on an octopus appetizer to share:

Meaty and good without being tough. The cucumber was a great match, too.

The room:

For the main course, Mom got the famous lamb burger:

Yes, it’s all that. I can’t wait to try to make this at home. (Or go back for another one at Anthos.)

Another look:

I got the sea bass:

Lovely, and prepared well, but it didn’t pack the flavor punch like the lamb burger. Also, I ordered it because it had artichokes in the orzo, and I’m a sucker for artichokes. Alsa, there were no artichokes.

For dessert. A shake of some kind… I believe verbena.

And a delishy ice cream sandwich:

A great meal, and I would definitely go back, especially for the inexpensive lunch, but also for the expensive dinner.

The 411 on Anthos: 36 W. 52nd St., Manhattan. 212-582-6900.

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