A Visit to the Maine State Prison Store

When we first drove past the Maine State Prison Store in Thomaston, we nearly hit the brakes and made a U-turn. But we were expected at Jeff and Theresa’s for cocktail hour, so we decided to skip it. Lucky for us, while we were running the dinner errands with Theresa, we drove past again. This time, we made a stop.

A peek in the window:

All kinds of good stuff inside, all of it made by prisoners.

According to the Maine DOC website, about 230 workers make crafts and then “contribute funds earned toward reimbursing the state for their “room and board” expenses, any crime restitution, and child support.”

Click here for a little more about the prison store in a PDF of the brochure I picked up.

Here’s a look. Clocks:

Ships, big and little:

Theresa offered to get this for us:

Do these looks like gangster cars from the 1930s to anyone else?

Maybe more like paddywagons. Here’s a train:

A lovely birdhouse:

Acorns and lighthouses for little wrens:

Nautical items:

Games and such:

Wow. This Harley rider —

and his mermaid —

Are really something, aren’t they?

Good times.

The 411 on the Maine State Prison Store, Route 1, Thomaston Maine. 207-354-9237.